Saturday, August 7, 2010

questions I will ask myself and then a crazy person.

Q- So, what have you guys really been up to?

A- Like this blog lies... haha... honestly, we've been having a great summer. Can't complain at.all.
We have zero dollars for trips to Orlando or anywhere that involves a plane, train, or anything in that realm. But, we've managed to take little trips here and there and have fun-filled weekends. As a matter of fact, today we went with our buddies to a huge fair. We took photos, again, like tourists. Look, I'm a city don't see big ass turkeys and horses just sitting along the streets of East Baltimore. Unless those are nicknames for crackheads or heroin needles.
This coming week we'll take a crack at going to the old Lakeside Amusement Park. The kids earned tickets for free full fare for completing the local library summer reading program. And naturally, I will play tourist again. I hope we go in the evening when all of the old lights are lit. You'll see what I mean when I post photos.....
We've been going swimming at our apartment pool (they keep it really nice) about 4-5 days a week. Some weeks it's every day and some days are twice!

Q- And how is this "new" apartment going? Last summer you lived in a place that pretty much sucked.. 

A- Yeah last summer was weird. That was our first summer here in Colorado. We hated that apartment and that was the beginning of our anxiety issues. We loved (and still love) Colorado, but living in a place with moldy walls, cracked foundation that was pushing in that moldy wall, ZERO water pressure and sometimes no hot water or cold water, and basically, a lack of a better term..a shithole. It was kind of like when you go to a strip club (or at least from what I hear) and the lights are blacklit with pink or red and every woman looks hot. And then in the real lighting you take a leap back because..well.. some of those same women are pretty scary looking.
Our apartment was like that. JUST like that.
This apartment is really nice. The owners live on the premises (a floor above us in our corner of the building) and if something is broken, they fix it. As in, immediately. And correctly! About a week ago, Rick went to rinse out the tub from the kids baths and the showerhead shot off at him with 100mph speed! Missed his head by millimeters. The day next it was fixed with sincere apologies and they even gave us a way better showerhead. So, needless to say, we feel comfortable here. The only thing we hate is the carpet. It was never properly cleaned before we moved in. If you lift up our mattress (yes, it's still on the floor..we're losers and we're WAITING for Ikea to open here so we can buy a decent platform..or at least I'd like to say that's a good excuse) you'll see old candy pieces and gum stuck in the carpet. But, we love it here. Old candy, the guy upstairs that practices his guitar all day long and plays only one bar chord over and over, ..and all. Helluva nicer place to raise the kids.

Q- Who else have you convinced to move out there to the Rocky Mountains?

A- My oldest sister Jen!!! She moves in with us for a few weeks in mid-August!!! C'mon Jen get the hell out of that jungle!

Q- How the hell are you feeling? How the hell is Rick feeling?

A- I feel really good. I can honestly say that I feel really good. I'm only a few days shy of being 6 weeks post-op (Wednesday I go for my final post-op checkup) and I am in complete shock (and slight denial) about that! June 30th does not feel like it was 6 weeks ago. I have been cheating a little bit the past few days..lifting the kids here and there but I have no pain at all when I do. My body, I can feel it, it healing nicely. The only issue I'm having now is that my pelvis is way out of alignment and that hurts. Probably residual issues from being pulled for so many years and now that the weight isn't there anymore my pelvis is way off. I'll take donations to see a chiropractor!! ;) (I would totally take donations can't even lie there).
Rick has IBS/Spastic Colitis and for the past several months he's had some pretty severe flare ups. He manages it well..with medication as needed (but the medication he was prescribed turns him into a zombie..but a zombie who at least can eat), rest, Tums or Pepto, more rest, and eating the right foods. Typically, you're supposed to figure out your triggers and we've only come up with caffeine, STRESS, beef, eating too many meat meals days in a row, spicy and greasy foods. The theory I want to play around with more is to rule out Celiac Disease. Unfortunately both diseases mimic each other and sometimes a doctor will have you go home and remove gluten from your diet anyway. So, that's something we'll be working on. He's so afraid that he won't be able to eat decent-tasting food and I'm on a mission to prove him wrong. Damnit.
I hate seeing him have a flare up. It's horrible. But, he will be okay.. I'll see to that.

Q- So with your recovery, what did you do?

A- Ate lots of chocolate (but still I have managed to lose a few more pounds..whaa??), watched every season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" which also involved me putting annoying random Facebook quotes as statuses because I am that annoying, uhmm.. pretty much fed my Facebook addiction (hey it's better than Percocet), watched a few movies, read some magazines, napped a little bit   slept my ass off, and the rest is a blur. Probably because with most days I was up and about helping to take care of the kids.

Q- What's going on with you going back to college? You were supposed to go back this past January, loser. 
A- Ugh, school. Dag.
I really hate that I'm not involved with school. I want to say it's kind of a touchy subject but only because  it really bothers me that I'm not taking classes this next semester. This year has been the year of surgeries for our family.. my family's needs (and even my health) come first. As much as that can suck. The first day of school for me would have been 4 days after Natalie's open heart surgery.
Oh no way that would have worked out. So, I had to use the pass card.
It's wonderful to be a mom and put your nurturing abilities in full effect, but then things..important life-altering things like college become these ideas. Goals. But mostly a goal that's up in the air.
I hate "up in the air" crap. I'm too straightforward with things. So, school.. annoyingly is "up in the air" for this year.


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I'm stealing this from you shortly! Not tonight, but soon! LOL

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I love good thievin'. LOL

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I loved the layout of this blog, so very creative, I may have to borrow it sometime. Now that I read the other comments, I see that I am not your only admirer! Good work, nice read!

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