Thursday, August 26, 2010

on the up and up..

I have been wanting to update with so much more since this last post. Because I delayed my post all day due to "mom duties" and "cleaning" and "more cleaning" and "swimming" I will use fancy bullets (okay asterisks but whatevs)

**since the Saturday before my whiny post about being poor and thrown into, what I also love to call, a giant shitball, we have had a hugely unexpected outpour of help coming our way, what I also love to call, LUCKY and if there any more appropriate time to use the word "blessed" it would be now.
We have received FOOD OH MY LORDY FOOD.. and tons of it. We received so much food that I didn't have enough room for it. Move aside griddle and smoothie maker because we has food.
I still can't get over how much we still have left. Our wonderful friends stopped by Saturday to give us so much FOOD. I still can't believe how much they bought for us. We're talking giant-sized frozen chicken breast to last a lifetime, oatmeal, milk and juice, and more and more food.
This happened after I had visited our local food pantry that morning. And even they gave us more FOOD. And then my mom and stepdad gave us more FOOD and so by the end of that day I was planning dinner for 2 weeks ahead of time.
How sweet are they??

**I have to note, I definitely did not write that post in hopes of help.. in hopes of anything.. I just wanted to get my feelings out there because I know for sure we're not the only good family stuck in a bad situation out there. Your comments have proven that.

**I hate having our financial problems in common with other people.

**And then, since that post was posted, even more help came! I know..we have enough FOOD to feed an army and their cousins and some more special friends came out of no where to help us. You guys know who you are...I still can not get over how much clothing you're getting James.  I can't wait to make James model everything and take pictures. I'm going to do that. I promise. And then you'll see the outfits in more action at school because his teachers snap photos during the morning while they're learning and running and making crafts and all of the preschool-type of action. I can't wait. I am SO incredibly grateful.

**We're still constantly searching for work and a job opportunity may have come up for Rick but I am scared to jinx it so more details real soon with that.
I did get a call back for a part time position so again, more details soon with that, too.
We're moving ahead and planning, thinking, really thinking about what we need to do. What we want to do. The upside to collecting CO unemployment as that you're allowed to attend school so that's a HUGE plus. Lots of cons to unemployment but at least a few pros are in there..if you have to collect it.
The goal, as always, is to not collect it for very long. We won't receive any payments for a good while because it takes forever and a day, in and out of weeks, and over a year..... or something in that realm of time.

We're just very.. very lucky and very blessed.

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