Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the little things that excite me.

10. Having a nice cold, icy bottle of water ready for me. On any given day.
9. Finding a brand new magazine to read.
8. When that spider you've been trying to track down if finally found...and killed. Especially when you have BROWN carpet.
7. (this is kind of a big one) Getting a package... especially packages or letters where something so sweet and generous was given. All unexpected and all because you rant on your blog about shitty things are.
6. Laundry being completely done. Maybe not all caught up completely..but at least all of your underwear and best jeans (and favorite t-shirts) are all clean.
5. Having someone else give your kids a bath and put to bed.
4. Having enough $1s to ride the bus all week long.
3. A tank of gas lasting all week long.
2. Riding home from seeing friends and watching the sun set all the way home.
1. The smell of new shoes.

And this my dear friends and dear blog, is my last August "National Blog Posting Month" post.
Probably going to take a little break for a few days... Rick starts his new job tomorrow, I'm busy searching for something.. anything.. part time or full time. As long as it's relatively close and can work around Rick's schedule. So, with that..I say thank you to those of you that have read throughout the month. I really (no, really!) appreciate so much.

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