Monday, August 23, 2010

Every Heart Has a Story Blogging Event!

If you've come across my blog and are a CHD buddy of mine and would love to share your story about your angel or warrior please attend this event:

Every Heart Has a Story

Stefanie is a "heart mom" of her young son Logan who has complex heart defects which are:
D-TGA, VSD, DORV, Pulmonary Stenosis, and Right Aortic Arch
Her blog is beautifully written and she, too, has a heart healthy son. She beautifully articulates the struggles.. personal struggles, family struggles..just how hard it all is. 

If you would love to share your story about your fighter or angel please do so.. and be sure to bookmark her blog. It's one of my personal favorites. 


Stefenie said...

Thanks Dawn! I am so very thankful for internet access so I can meet great heart mommies like you. Can you imagine if we didn't have it? Sadly there are so many that are probably unaware of the great communities like ours out there willing to offer our support!

The Bent Bunch said...

You got it! I think sometimes about the parents of CHD warriors (and angels) who had no where near any sort of option out there.. like the 70s or 80s or heck anytime before that. The overwhelmingly amazing support out there has kept me from going nuts. I'm so happy we "met". And I love your blog and the event. Things are finally beginning to change when it comes to awareness... finally. =)