Friday, August 27, 2010

Estamos muy agradecidos.

I want to give more details but I respect my husband's wishes to not yet give too much info.... just yet... and because I'm a little bit on the paranoid side, I'm going to give a nice spoonful of something new that just happened today..without too many details yet I can say this.....
You read that right.
Can you believe it? I'm still in shock and probably way too giddy than a normal person would be.
I can't wait to give more details... I can say this though... THANK GOD for thoughtful friends who are looking out for you. THANK GOD for the fact that Rick is so flexible and is highly motivated to find a new job. And THANK GOD that we now can move forward.
It's in a bit of a different career path but it's something he will learn and probably, knowing that he loves learning, will be easy for him to do.
We can focus on getting our asses in school, getting degrees, you know those sorts of goals? Goals that we've had unfinished for too many years.
It's a big pay cut but in the long run it will pay off. It's an apprentice level position so it's expected. The job itself could also turn into a career.
It will give me time to find something part time (or full time if it's overnight.. something that I could work into our schedules). I can't even begin on how difficult it's been to find any full time listings..for anything. So, re-focusing my attention on making sure the kids get to school 4 out of the 5 days a week and searching for a part time position will work. Between me finding something with at least 15 to 20 hours a week, probably for the evenings and weekends, we should be in good shape before the year ends. More like, by October.
The pay cut still ends up being more than what we would collect for unemployment so that's definitely a huge something.
I am so happy. We're so happy. We're both really thankful and I know I keep saying that over and over and over again..but we can't say it enough. I should probably start learning that phrase "we are thankful" in more various languages to spice it up a little.
Things are going to be rough.. really rough.. for another month but very soon it will all be well.


Valerie Eshenbaugh said...

This just shows that even through all of your struggles God is really looking out for you guys. It's a hard process to swallow, especially w/ all that has been dealt to you guys.
Everyday I've thought and prayed for you guys in one way or another. Praying that somehow your debt will become your past and your happiness will become your eternity. You guys, of all people I know, deserve this. There is so much kindness and love w/in your family that it just shines through you onto others. And now, it's time for someone to shine that light back onto you guys.
I'm so glad that Ricky found a job. Yes, a pay cut sucks big ones, BUT, if it's a stable job w/ a stable income then heck, yes, that will pay off because at least then you know he won't get laid off because someone didn't have the money to complete the contracting job/contract. Anything is better than nothing at all. It's so great that you guys can see it in that way. So many times people deny a job because of the lack of money... Funny since they've had lack of money for the past many years and won't take a pay cut JUST to have a job! That stuff kills me.
I wish you guys huge success in schooling. I think that'll be such a great thing for the both of you. Derrick is also going back to school in the upcoming years. Once we get caught up on bills and stuff he'll be going back for his GXMO and radiography degree. So, he tells me that I've inspired that because of how hard I work and how dedicated I am.
If we're well off enough next Autumn I want to come out and see you guys, post-graduation. If you can't come here for it, then I'll come there. Besides, I want to see what all the hype is about.. Heck you got your sister to move there, who's to say, I may just contimplate it myself. LOL
Good luck in EVERYTHING! And give the family big hugs and kisses from all of us.

Stefenie said...

Great news!! Hope that things continue to be on the up and up for all of you!