Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 weeks down and 3 to go. Or something like that.

"One day you feel great and the next day you feel as though a train had run over you, dragged your body down the tracks and over a cliff."

I joined a hysterectomy support forum about a day before my surgery. Anything to get some sort of outside support. There's only so much support you can get from your husband before they want to pull their hair out. The same goes from family and friends. I have a few special people I can talk over and over again about this sort of stuff (thank god) but I get sick of hearing myself talk and talk..and talk. I can sometimes better communicate through the typed word plus I don't have to hear my voice talk and talk and.. well, you understand. So, I joined. And the above quote was from a 3-4 week post-op information tab.
Guys.. it is so true.
I couldn't have said it better.
One day, I feel fantastic. Ready to jump and frolic and run and not have to take any advil. Okay, I don't really jump, frolic..none of that crap. But I do find myself feeling good, energetic and "normal".
There's just something about walking around without your swollen uterus hanging out of you that puts you in a great mood, ya know?
Well, it works for me. And boy does it. And then out of no where B-L-A-M I'm hit by that train and can't get up. I know it's all normal and totally..well, not expected..but I sort of expect it. But no matter what, I hate it. So, I take it easy.. lay down.. check email.. listen to with the kids..NAP... watch a show (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia of course) or movie (James now loves the Justice League movies)..NAP and then I feel great a few hours later.
As of now I have been doing the following things.. I'll put an asterisk next to what I'm probably not supposed to do but the doctor won't yell at me for it because he knows I can handle it.. but he would be upset if I do it too often..

-lift out trash from the can that's pretty light and Rick takes it to the dumpster..
-take a trip to Walmart with a cart but move slowly and lift whatever is not beyond 10 lbs/ the weight of a gallon of milk *** (the cart is a no-no.. but the doc knows that that's nothing comparing to my kids jumping on me)
-clean which includes dishes, dusting, sweeping, a little bit of reaching (slowly), and clean toys up from the floor
-resting ALOT.. so much that I am hating it.
-I make Rick unload the car of groceries.
-sit at the computer hence this blog post. But I don't sit in one spot for too long because it gets uncomfortable..
-been walking
-going swimming.. as long as, and I quote my doc "that there's no funny stuff".
-I can't have sex but you guys don't want to read about that now do you? noooo nasty.
-I cry about something..not sure what it is..I have no idea.. thanks hormones, you're the best.
-I have been contemplating having a "tampon and pad burning party" cause guess what guys? NO MORE PERIODS OR SPOTTING HAHAHAHA. Okay, no one needs to know about my spotting, but it's worth documenting.

I don't lift the kids, push a stroller, none of that crazy business. Now that I look at my list, I've been doing pretty well. I did a little jump at the park today while throwing the kids' bouncy ball into the basketball hoop because I forgot that I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE JUMPING EEK. And then I got a pain and sat down. I pulled a muscle. I literally, just so you know, I forgot. The energetic spells make me forget. I'll blame that. I don't mean to forget. I really don't.

Well, other than that I feel good. I am surprised how easy it's been so far. I still feel better than before I had the surgery and that's saying something. The timing has worked out nice, too..the kids are a little independent..I don't have a newborn to take care of (you C-section mamas I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT) and with Rick laid off again for the millionth time he's home and helps out so much. Even on the days where he picks up some side work, he helps out tremendously. And the kids understand that I have to least to an extent. They are already cool with knowing that I can't pick them up. Which, again, I'm kind of shocked how easy that was. I really thought Natalie would be upset about that. She does ask me alot "mommy you have some stitches?" Oh gosh how sweet right? She even attacks me with a hug or kiss if I'm not feeling too good.  She knows that I have internal stitches but I just point to my lower stomach. Don't wanna say "okay now kiddies mommy's vagina is sore today from the doctors putting stitches in it and her fallopian tubes are just not with it either". I can assure you that if scarring them is the goal then that would do it.

I promise to have a really good update with the kids this week. Such as, tomorrow morning we take Natalie to have her preschool evaluation so BOTH kids can get into preschool! Same class, same teacher as last year, same everything. I am still trying to let it sink in that both of my "babies" are going to school real soon.
Lots to share and lots to share too much of. I'll get that post up before week's end. ;)

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