Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TOP 10 things I've learned on my blogging hiatus.

10. I've learned that just because you "only" go over the speed limit by 5 miles during a driving test still does not let you become a licensed driver. And also, it is apparently not required by the DMV to be a test giver and have a good attitude. Should also add that I am just a sore loser.

9. I've learned that cooking for 4 hungry people, 2 of them growing (and 2 of them shrinking), is not only really hard work, but a freakin' damage to the budget. Long gone are the days of national brands.

8. I've learned that in Colorado, summer comes out of no where. There was a day a few weeks ago (maybe about a month ago) where it snowed a little, temps were in the low 40s and then BLAM! it was hot. Should also add that we had a kick ass spring. Seriously, aside from the allergies, it has been so pretty. I'm also now addicted to Lilacs and excitedly pointing out anything that's a shade of bright green. My kids are also learning that mommy is strange like that.

7. I've learned on my blogging hiatus, that a job possibility, thanks to her sis in law, could be me working full time from home, working on the computer and phone. And actually getting paid for it? Whoa.

6. I've learned that both James and Natalie are growing like WEEDS I TELL YOU. They are growing so fast that all of the shorts that fit them last summer OFFICIALLY will never fit their tall behinds again. I mean c'mon, I can't fit my 4 year old in a 4T anymore? Can't make it stretch at all. I tried. He's actually fitting in clothing from the big boy section now. 5t on occasion, but usually the small size in the big boy area. Natalie, is almost out of the toddler sized clothing area. She fits in a 4t and 5t. They up a size in shoes just about every day and don't even get me started with supplying socks.

5. I've learned that Natalie loves pretending to be a dog. I hope that doesn't mean anything.

4. I've learned that James' jokes and the good way he is with his friends melts my heart. Watching him with his teachers and friends at graduation (and pointing and saying "hey that's my mommy and daddy and sister") is what made me more teary-eyed than anything that day.

3. I've learned that both kids are not afraid of large amounts of water. They are addicted (already) to swimming. James dunks his head in the pool, with mouth wide open of course, and Natalie's diva attitude is in full force if we try to go between her and ability to float with her tube. I'm also learning that I need to learn how to swim. They occasionally begin floating to the deeper end, and well, mama ain't experienced.

2. I've learned during the hiatus that I can't believe I scheduled my surgery 3 days before my wedding anniversary. That's gonna make for one helluva after party (and blog entry). Whooo hooo who's popping pills? THIS GAL.

1. I've learned that just because I was a sore loser today doesn't mean that I can't go back and try again. My kids show me that our parenting philosophy works: let them make mistakes so we can show them how to fix them. Learn from your experiences and try try again. If James' block tower falls for example, he immediately begins building it again, saying to himself "that's okay, I'll just do it again".
I need to show my kids, who have watched me practice driving for 9 months now, that mama can do it.

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Valerie E said...

Its crazy the difference between boys and girls as far as clothing goes. Boys become bulky much faster than they used to. Funny but kind of sad at the same time: I was in lecture this afternoon and my professor decided to tell us that girls hit puberty much much much younger than they used to. Now some girls are hitting it as early as 8 yrs old. Girl, that's frightening after you think about it! Especially since Claire is so close to that age!!!
As for the driving test... Oh gosh yeah, I think it's actually required to have a bad attitude while taking a person on an exam just to intimidate them, and make them uncomfortable. The instructor I had in MD was not polite at all, but I somehow was told that I was lucky that I didn't have someone else because they were mean. It's like, "Wow, way to calm my nerves down!"
I think it's adorable that Natalie pretends to be a dog. Her personality is such a gem. She is just absolutely amazing!
It's awesome that James is proud of his family. When he points you out to his friends and teachers he's showing just how much he loves you guys. That's awesome! Just wait until he's older and y'all embarrass him, that'll be the time where he doesn't know you. LOL