Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this is where I score as a parent..

James has been asking me alot lately, where babies come from.
Oh boy.
But to be totally honest here, I don't mind the questions. I just get terrified of screwing up the answers and inflicting some sort of weird issues on my kids in the long run. Naturally, I'll say something wrong and when James and Natalie are older they'll remember things like that and have a nice laugh at me. Which I don't mind that either. We all laugh at our parents still. In the nicest way possible.

So, today James sat and played with Natalie's doll. A doll that his beloved Gammy gave for him and one a doll that also belonged to Rick when he was a kid. I think Rick disowned that poor baby (somebody call Maury) because it ...well... nah..looks nothing like him. But this doll, I think, is pretty cute because it's a wrinkly newborn- umbilical cord stump and all! How lifelike right? The questions began, when for the millionth time, James made the baby naked, laughed at it and then threw him..wait, her. And then picked her up, stares at the doll's belly button stump, and then asks me "what the heck is that?"...

me:"oh honey that's the umbilical cord.."
James: (mortified) "what?"
me: "that's how the baby eats when they're in the mommy's tummy."

(Natalie is sitting there listening to us talk.. smiling away..she is not going to miss this..)

James: (lifts up his shirt) "is this why I have that?" (pointing to his belly button)
me: "you're smart, you got it!"
James: "haha that's funny."
me: "it's true. it's how you and your sister were able to eat food before you born and then when you were born, you used your mouth."
James: giggling.. then says, "where did mine go?" referring to the life-like umbilical cord stump on the doll..
me: "it dries out and falls off."
James: you can tell he's getting kind of grossed out..
me: "it's okay though, it never hurts..the baby never feels it"
James: (breathing a sigh of relief).. he lifts up his shirt to stare at his belly button again..

I walk away to make some lunch, and James meets me in the kitchen, as he says, to "ask me something very important".

James: "Mommy, can you make more babies because I want ten of dem."


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Chicke3 said...

LOL awesome! Your kids are so freaking cool!