Friday, June 11, 2010

I swear our dentist looked exactly like George Lopez....

Things I should note about today's sedated dental adventure with Natalie:

1. Natalie did FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC. Not only did she cooperate so beautifully with all of the nurses, dentist, and anesthesiologist, but she handled it all so well. With each Children's Hospital visit we make, the more comfortable she becomes. It's really cool to witness it. Even at age 3, she knows that she's "been there done that" and today was a piece of cake. We told her about it a few days ago and each day leading up to this morning. I think that helped.

2. She only had cavities! No crowns. No root canals. No pulling of teeth. Just 6 simple metal fillings. Which by the way, did you know that metal fillings last longer than the white ones? I learned something new today..

2. Natalie always handles all types of anesthesia so well. She never has complications and it barely causes her oxygen saturations to dip. Only a few points and she's still just as good. There was a point in time today where her numbers stayed in the low 80s, which isn't terrible but we kind of always go through this back and forth situation with the nurses and doctors with where she's okay to be at. Low 80s is okay, mid 80s is more normal for her especially since it goes up higher as she moves around.
She fights the anesthesia (like any kid her age..I think) but it's really funny that even the doctors and nurses are wowed by it. That kid is the true meaning of "spunky".

3. We had the same anesthesiologist today who helped Natalie prepare for her last October heart catheterization! He actually remembered us and we remembered him. He's a really sweet doctor and is really great with Natalie. That was pretty neat.

4. Once again mad props to Versed. Without it we'd have lost our minds. And now that I know how wonderful it makes you feel, I get very excited when Natalie is allowed to have it before going to sleep. Oh Versed...

5. Now that I have mentioned that Natalie handles the anesthesia so well, I can admit the AFTER EFFECTS OF THE EVILNESS.
Oh god.
This poor child. This poor poor child. I knew it was coming. From the echocardiogram visit and the terror that followed from a months ago I knew that hell would break loose. And you expect a kid her age to get pretty mean and nasty. And boy did she live up the expectation. Don't get me wrong it's worth it oh god it is so worth it. And thank god Rick and I were both there with her today while James stayed at home with his grandma. Because after only 15 minutes of being awake from the anesthesia and for the next hour or so, she tried to climb out of the bed to hit us. And then she thrashed her body around, screaming and saying some pretty nasty things and a few times attempted to pull out her IV. Then she'd flop over in disgust, throw everything out of her bed, and would let her body get tired again, and then she'd repeat it all over again. She actually punched me and Rick quite a few times and let me tell you this kid packs A HUGE PUNCH. She actually used, I kid you not, my boobs as punching bags.
Should also note that she becomes adamant of screaming "NO YOU GO TO TIMEOUT MOMMY". So, I walk away from her, pretending to take a timeout (which I can also say is actually peaceful for me..don't know what the big fuss is for these crazy kids) calms her down and that's kind of weird actually.

6. Then after it all passes she just starts smiling and looks (and feels better I'm sure). It's almost like exactly like she was having a night terror and then suddenly woke up and felt more like herself. That glazed look is gone and she's relaxed and she drinks juice and eats crackers and the world is great again.

7. I love this kid so much. Even when she pees on her daddy. Should also note that for once I'm glad it was him and not me.

8. It's pretty funny that when the nurses and doctors go over what to expect with the morning's process of having Natalie taken care of while we politely nod and smile and listen that they actually stop mid-sentence and say "oh you know've been through so much here, you know the drill.. this is nothing compared to heart surgery..let's move on."
Couldn't have said it better myself.

**should also note that here are 2 number 2s and I'm too tired to fix that..

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