Tuesday, June 8, 2010

random updating..

*James has found a new addiction: building obstacle courses with all of our inner tubes and pillows and pretending to be a contestant on "Wipe Out".We've only watched it once and since then, James is hooked. He even grabbed Natalie today and has forced her to jump around. She pretends to like it, but I don't think she does. Natalie much prefers jumping on our bed or on my feet.

*Natalie is currently on her play phone as I type this explaining to someone why she does not like "Wipe Out" and that "it's over and someone is sleeping". And also, "night night".

*Watching both of them play together really is something sweet. They are now 3 and 4. They both love pretending and hearing each other talk and one of my favorite things is listening to them. To me, they both talk the same. I can barely tell the difference sometimes. A lot of the time Natalie starts out a conversation with "it's kinda like..." with very strong hand expressions. James listens to her concerns and suggestions and let's her take the lead at times. He's going to make a fine husband some day.

*Natalie's 6 cavities will officially be taken care of this Friday! I received an email reply last night and a phone call from the clinic this morning. I can't even tell you how happy this made me. Even the doctor I spoke with was upset that Natalie was told to wait. But not much longer because after this Friday morning, Natalie's teeth will be taken care of. So happy that I was persistent with it... like a lot of people have told me, YOU the parent are your child's only advocate. They can't speak for themselves, especially at the age of 3, so this was a FTW moment for me.

* The kids are back to feeling well again. The worst of it was yesterday. Runny pullups and heat.. not a good mix. But today, they're back to getting into trouble, being crazy and wild. The virus itself wasn't horrible, but it took forever to work it out.

*We love going to our local library at least once a month. As we checked out the librarian started to sign up the kids for the local summer reading program. I didn't even realize that , yes! they are old enough for these things now! We already received 4 tickets to the Lakeside Amusement Park. It has one of the oldest roller coasters and it's really funny, because when you drive past the park the roller coast is literally right there on the street. Really cool. When we go I'll take lots of pictures.
And this past winter, James' class trip to go bowling was canceled due to snow. And now we have tickets to go there too! I am truly grateful that there are programs like this to keep kids involved over the summer. And even after we complete the 8 hours of reading, the kids turn in their filled sheet to get more tickets and a free book!
It's going to be a really cool summer.

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Chicke3 said...

The kids summer reading program out there sounds way better then the Sneaks program they have here!