Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Oh yes it is THAT time again! Wow, Mondays.. why do they have to come around so damn fast? I think I'm going to have to figure that "why?" out.. 'til then, here's what I have NOT been up to...

*I did NOT, NO way, NO how out of pure laziness only shave my legs up to the mid-calf/safety zone for wearing my capris. I'm not (really, I'm not) a shorts wearer (thick Polish legs remember?), so I wear capris most of the time.

*As far as the potty training of both crazy kids goes, I did NOT compare Natalie to James while talking TO James the other day. I did NOT mention to him how she's just about at the same level of training that he is. I did NOT do anything of the sort, especially to try new tactics to get that 4 1/2 year old boy to feel more competitive with it.

*I am NOT contemplating on having a "GOODBYE UTERUS WOOHOOOOO" party soon. It would NOT involve lots and lots of chocolate, a uterus-shaped cake, and a some weird ceremony where I say goodbye to those nasty monthly periods. I'm pretty sure some strange cackling would be involved. I am so NOT that weird. I am also NOT so weird that I'm already calculating the financial savings I'm going to have after June 30th.. forget buying tampons  and the always extra ibuprofen, I'll be able to afford pedicures!

And now for the kiddies! Mixing it up today, cause I'm like that..

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

*My 3 year old daughter did NOT take the Crayola sidewalk chalk that belongs to her buddy Khloe, and scribble on someone's car. That car did NOT at all belong to Khloe's mom. I am NOT still kinda mortified by that, especially after seeing some scratches underneath the marks and still have myself convinced that Natalie did it.

*Natalie does NOT now own an old-fashioned Jack-in-the-Box that she does NOT sleep with, eat with, carries to the potty, pee with, and play with constantly.


Kristin said...

LMAO, we can do a party if you like and yes I am that weird. As for the car it is three years old and has a cracked windshield and scratches from Khloe so don't be mortified LoL they are just kids and they will learn.

Dawn B said...

you were so gracious about it.. thanks Kristin. by the way, did NOT know that Khloe put those scratches on it.