Wednesday, June 23, 2010

my top 10 pet peeves.

10. Pregnant celebrities and pretty much any pregnant woman who wears high heels.
9. Parents who promote their kid(s) to follow their dream.. a dream that involves something that the kid is not good at (at not even a little bit). That is why I watch the first few episodes of "American Idol".
8. Babies wearing shoes that are much more expensive than mine.
7. Blogs with ads are fine, but the seizure inducing blinking ads are not cool.
6. Dried juice drips on my mirrors and picture frames. I can't really blame the kids because I don't know how they got there. Maybe feeling peeved comes more from the fact that I can't blame someone for it. Hmm..
5. Being late for anything. Once in a while, being late for an appointment or date is alright. Hey, shit happens. But when it happens a lot.. oh boy.
4. Talking to someone who has dry lips. Please PLEASE find yourself some vaseline, chapstick, anything.
3. People who hit you upside your head, accidentally, while moving past you on the bus.
2. Stepping into a wet spot with your socks on. EEEEK.

And for my last and #1 pet peeve...

1. My personal bubble of space being invaded. Especially when in line at WalMart and the asshole behind me rams their cart into my butt. Thank god I'm extra padded for shock absorption. Karma works immediately because the cart bounces back at them...

What are YOUR top Pet Peeves??

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