Thursday, June 24, 2010

the latest happenins..

*I have the cutest video of Natalie singing "My Girl" by Nirvana on video and a clip of James singing his own song titled "My Lost Balloons"..or at least I think that's what it was called. Those'll be at the bottom so if you skip the rest of this post I totally won't be offended if you just want to take in the cuteness of these kids.

*Tomorrow morning is my pre-op appointment. Next Wednesday is THE day. Every time I say that out loud, think it, or type it the level of anxiety is the same.. I know that once I get this all over with I'll feel better. I'll go more into detail next week about the surgery.. what's going to happen, the 2 conditions I have, and how it actually feels to have these conditions as compared to the small amounts I've mentioned. Don't worry, I won't gross you out..... too much.... This is just a way for me to get it all out so I can (maybe) feel better. I'll  be sure to limit my use of the word "vagina" as much as I can.

*We went swimming twice today which = very dry skin, red eyes, and a very tired family. This evening was sort of cool, though.. there were about 15 dragonflies swarming above us the whole time, snacking away at the bugs that didn't bite us. So, yeah thanks dragonflies!

*The latest for our condo in Maryland.... ugh.... so, the year contract we had expired with the agent on the 16th. That would make it a total of 15 months that our condo was on the market. 3 offers that all fell you know (or may not..hey, who can follow that if I can't) we listed it as a short sale and our bank has pretty much given up on us. They never worked with us to get it sold and each time we had an offer they would up the minimum amount they'd accept another 5 grand every.single.time. It baffled every friends, friend/agent, family member, stranger I've talked to about it. It just doesn't make any sense.
Today we got everything set for the keys to be mailed to us. We thought, "forget it, it's getting ready to foreclose, whatever..can't handle this..let's move forward" and our old agent called to tell us that we have an offer if we re-list it. A couple (I think) from a showing last June who have wanted our property but apparently spent a year finding a co-signer. So, it was just re-listed with our old agent for a month to see if this pans out. This should be interesting... or not... no real hope anymore. Just taking it as it is. I know that sounds so hopeless..but when you're working with a bank that basically gives you a huge middle finger in your time of need, you kind of don't want to get your hopes up.

*Alright, enough condo talk. Take a look at these cute kids!

First it's Natalie, who kicks some ass singing Nirvana.. and could have went on and on and on if she hadn't dropped her pick..

And now, for Mr.James!

and heck why not...

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Don't give up on your dreams said...

OMG! You have a band in your house forming Dawn. LOL. They're so into it, it's absolutely the cutest thing I've seen in a very very long time. I will be showing this to D when he gets home to bring a smile upon his face since work doesn't do such a thing.
Those bunkbeds are absolutely awesome looking Dawn! I love 'em! Though with the video of James, it's almost like you don't have 'em since they're both in the top bunk! LOL. It's so awesome to see them two so close! I'm envious of them being able to be so close to one another. I love it!
As for the condo, that's been such a train wreck! So, I personally do have hope that it'll pan out, but I also know how hopeless you have felt with having that damn place on the market for so long and now just NOW at the end of all of your patience you get the person who had walked away a year ago. It's gotta be the most annoying and frustrating thing ever!