Friday, June 25, 2010

I guess I'll stick to the rules..

On the "NaBloPoMo" site the question you can choose to answer for the day is:

"How do you feel about the name given to you at birth?"

I kind of giggled after copying and pasting that because I feel like the question is shouting at me. 
Haha. Well, anyway. I really like this question and because I'm a tad brain dead at the moment, from a long hot day running around (part of which included a date for Rick and I which was really nice) I'm not feeling too creative. Plus, I posted a blurry video of Natalie last night. And I don't know.. I think when I post 1+ minutes of my kids just singing, I start to realized that maybe only Rick and I think it's funny (?) Because I thought about it (moving along with my tangent here) that when other people post videos of their kids just like that, do I watch them? Not that much. If it's a montage for their birthday or something like that, I will. 
But I am going off into something else so I'll get back to the question..

I'll answer this for me and the kids. 

For my, I hated it as a kid. I was compared to "Dawn" detergent. And alot of the time (and even to this day) if someone asks me my name they question me and repeat "Don?" 
Yup, just short for Donald I guess. 
My oldest brother's name is Sean so when my parents would call for him, I'd think they were calling for me.. oh it was a silly mess. 
I didn't like it's one syllable wording. DAWN. Dawn. dawn. Dun dun dun. Okay, now I'm just making fun of myself. 
I guess I kind of like my name now...... ? It's mine and it's on my birth certificate for good and I have zero intention of changing it so I guess there's no use in complaining. 
I was named after an old girlfriend of my dad's. She had bright red hair and fair skin from what I heard. A tad awkward but if my mom was cool with it.. then fine. 
As a kid, I knew no Dawn's. None. But as I've gotten older I hear the name more and more. That's sort of nice. Many of those women are in my age range, or at least seem to be. My middle name is Marie which takes up about 33% of the entire US population's middle names for women. It's a nice name- first or middle. So, can't really complain about that either. 

My kids names weren't too tricky. James is a family name of Rick's side and if I'm thinking right, my sister Jen helped us name both kids. The name James was thrown out there and it just so happened to be a family name. And James is a James. James David. David is the first name of James' great uncle. A really cool guy. And David, itself, is a really nice name. I never knew a mean David. Plus, the 2 names flowed together nicely. With both kids we didn't want to give them weird initials. JDB. He can even use the nickname "JD" if he wants when he's older. 

With Natalie, that was a quick decision. She's not named after anyone but we loved the sound of it. Her middle name is Lauren which is my youngest sister's name. Natalie Lauren flows really nice and I was so scared of giving her a name she'd hate. It's a little harder for bratty school kids to make fun of her name. So this makes her initials NLB.. which does remind me a little of "National League of Baseball" but that's okay. It's better than NOB or NAB. 

I love the kids names. Since the day they were born they have earned those names to the "T". I guess my mom would agree with me when it comes to the name she chose for me. 

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