Saturday, June 5, 2010

here's something to distract you while I get myself together...

If you catch any of my new photos on Facebook, these 2 are probably not new to you. But I had to post them here because...these 2... these 2 kids are owed a lot of credit. I wouldn't have this blog without them.
(I need another day or two to decompress..from what you knows.. I can't really put a finger on it..can't define it.. just having a rough few days where things just get to me.. I push it all aside for so long until I can't anymore and every single emotion that I've bottled up just pours out..even while I write this I have to keep my composure..there's never a good time..a right time to let any of it out. I never have time to really think and then I do things like slam doors, scream, accidentally..okay purposely..slam the refrigerator door so hard that it causes glass containers to fall out and break..anger..the freakin' anger.. anger that most people just don't understand and I would never expect anyone who reads this to understand either.. the fact that  I can only handle so much... I'm one person who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders and a heart on their sleeve and does it all with a smile and even says "I got it, it's really".)

Everything's okay. Please no worries there.. I can't worry about how others are going to worry.. I've been through worst times than this in my life and got through it.

Those 2 kids up there with their adorable googly eyes, sweet smiles, and silly faces are why my personal struggles inside are worth it.

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