Sunday, June 6, 2010

get to know more about the kids!

Here are 5 random facts (very important facts you know) about each kid..I'll start with The James:

5. James could live off of cheese if we let him. Specifically string cheese. He is almost a mouse.
4. His favorite songs of all time (for now at least) is "Heroine is So Passe" by the Dandy Warhols and "Pearly" by Radiohead.
3. James is now 47 pounds of heavy boy. He is built like a football player and don't even try to pick him up. I think he keeps all of his food in his feet. I'm 99% sure
2. He loves long drives with some sort of decent scenery. He is in love with drives to Red Rocks.
1. James gives me random kisses for no reason at all. Oh I love it. And if Natalie really wants to play with one of his toys he may say "no" at first, but then hands it over explaining that he's letting her borrow it. He's a sweet one.

And now for The Natalie:

5. She mirrors just about everything that her big brother does. If James says something is "pretty good" for Natalie it's also "pretty good".
4. She still loves her beans. Oh this kid and her beans. They are, without a doubt, like candy to her.
3. Natalie's hair is so thick and curly. She has highlights in her hair that make we swoon and her eyes.. oh her eyes. One minute they're hazel, the next they're blue.
2. She's sneaky. Vetty sneaky. And if she gets what she wants she's as sweet as honey.
1. Natalie is all girl. Loves dresses, makeup, pink, purple. But loves (no really) LOVES to get her hands dirty and really get involved in art and anything that involves dirt. Totally random last note, but at James' graduation, she joined the group of 17 kids without hesitation and laughed the most and the loudest when the classes' video montage was shown. She loves playing by herself but if in the mood, thrives in a large group.

And those are just a few things going on with James and Natalie....

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