Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 minutes left in the day to post so here take a look at this:

Alright, the woman (and little girl) in me completely squeals when she sees these:

and of course, I had to buy some black nail polish (and a pricier ssshhh). So with the red and black and with boredom mixed in whilst recovering I can do what's on that there photo and make some HEARTS.. hearts.. or ladybugs!!! whoa.. Natalie is going to totally pee herself in excitement. James will too.
I already did.
And the pricier polish? is a special treat for me. Because if you take a look at my makeup/nail polish bag/woman bag/whatever I own no expensive girly crap. I think the youngest makeup product I have is about 11 months old. Oh.. that's gross. So, as you can see..spending money on polish was a wise investment. I'm so wise. ... not really. AND PUBLISH..  (did I beat the clock??)

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Kris said...

I am so stealing this from you.. So your going to have to bring it with the kids on saturday.