Thursday, May 6, 2010

TOP 3 Thursday!

Because I'll probably it's going to be quite a while until our family can take a real vacation (anything that involves flying, taking a boat, or taking the car for longer than a 100 mile distance)..I had to indulge in this week's topic...

Where are the TOP 3 places you'd most like to visit?

#3- Australia. And not just because I'm obsessed with "Lost" and besides, most of those shots are done in Hawaii.. but because it's FAR, surrounded by water, and I get a kick out of those accents. It also has nothing to do with my love for "The Wiggles". I swear. 

#2-  I was going to say Poland since many of my ancestors and probably still-living relatives are there, but I'm not so sure Poland is safe for travel and vacationing right now. So, until that is resolved, I'll say Germany. The other largest side of my heritage. It would be the coolest thing to go there and find some family. And plus, it's Germany. Beautiful country. Beautiful castles!

#1. My top choice is a tie. I can't pick one over the both choices for my top picks are California and Tampa. It's killing us Bents that we want to go to both places because we have family there who we miss so much. I've never been to CA and would love to see our family there. Rick's brother, my sis-in-law and our niece live there. 
Tampa, I've been to before and loved it. We also have family there. The kids' great-grandmother (on Rick's side) lives there as well as their grandpa.. they've never met their GG Mom-Mom and boy that would be nice. And then be able to go swimming in the blue beaches. When I first visited Tampa I was blown away with how clean the water was. I was used to dirty, muddy-colored, trash-filled, dead fish-smelling water from Baltimore (although there are a few areas in MD that have water that's alot better than that). 
So, those are my choices. What are yours?

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Valerie E said...

Top 3 places... Hmmm

Cali would definitely be there
Australia would be another
and I think first place would be Ireland