Monday, May 3, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This week it looks like I'm on my own, so no backlink to anything other than MckMama's blog.
I wanted so much to post this last week, because DUDES...DUUUUDES.. I have way to much to share. I can't believe I've held onto these for so long....

I received a nice email from Natalie's (now ex) Early Intervention coordinator (since Natalie is now 3 and was transferred into the school system) wanting to make sure that everything was going well. At this same time, I received an email from my sister showing me a GOD AWFUL drawing that was chosen for her school's literary publication front page. I most certainly did NOT comment on how "oooglay" it was and throw the "F" word around. Jen, seriously, that does look like a scary ass alien with stick figures vomiting out of it's throat. Also, why are the vomity creatures hanging around the town?
I also did NOT accidentally send that reply to the wrong recipient, which so happened to be Natalie's EI coordinator. I am NOT that stupid with emails. I am still NOT completely embarrassed by it. So embarrassed that this is the first I've mentioned this to anyone.

My children are NOT even more obsessed than ever with the word "poopy". Their personal favorite phrases are NOT "poopy stick" and they definitely don't call people that. I also do NOT want to scream.

I am also NOT the type of person to drive up to a carwash and begin inserting money for the basic wash and realize after putting in that first $5 bill that I don't have $2 more to pay for it. I did NOT scrape away at the side console and find enough nickels and dimes to pay for it. The sign did NOT read "quarters and bills only..exact change please".
I did NOT proceed to hold my spot by parking the car there (with keys in hand) to get said quarters and bills for my coffee-covered change (lots of bumpy roads what can I say) because I'm NOT that paranoid that someone will also want to wash their car at 10 in the morning and steal the wash. I did NOT get out of the car by not even thinking to pull the car back a bit so I could get out of the driver's side and away from the stupid carwash payment machine.
Instead, I did NOT climb through the passenger side.
I am NOT that much of a doofus.

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