Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hey yo where did you go?

Please pardon my long hiatus and also, a continued hiatus..at least until June 1st. What's June 1st? My next awesome attempt at trying to post everyday again, for "NABLPOMO". Please don't confuse that with NAMBLA. "National Blog Posting Month" will push me to be a better updater and blogger..because god knows I suck so much at blogging lately. There's actually alot to update about, which is why I need to begin updating everyday. Between the preschool enrollment fiasco of 2010 (which still continues by the way), our new obsession (okay, I'll blame the kids)..the KIDS new obsession with daily marathons of "Ren and Stimpy" episodes, my trip to Baltimore (Bmore for the cool youngins), Natalie's kick ass and wild ways that have proven time and time again that the Fontan surgery is working (and makes her crazy, but in a good way), and James FINALLY POOPING ON THE POTTY (well, once) there is alot to talk about. Also, June is the month of my surgery. Before anyone goes "oh no..so horrible"..honestly, ya'll this uterus needs to go. I'm done with it. I've made my peace, cried many times, and now I cry for mercy..I am done with this organ. I'm so ready to enjoy a period-free/uterus-free/PMS-free/pregnancy-worry-free life. Other than that.. just stay tuned for lots of goodies. I promise to not let you down. Besides, where else can I update James' *sniff sniff SNIFF* preschool graduation for tomorrow?

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