Friday, April 23, 2010

this post is almost like an episode of Seinfeld..

It's been said that it's a show about nothing, so here ya go. An update very similar to almost nothing. Well, okay.. it's about the kids so it's not completely directionless.

For the longest time, my preschool paperwork from over a month ago has been sitting in a pile (or ditch) somewhere and I couldn't do anything with it until both kids had their required checkups and dental paperwork filled out. Could have done the dental paperwork ahead of time but again, the papers would just have sat there anyway.
So FINALLY, we got out today to venture to the pediatrician and make a quick stop at the dentist's office, both offices are in the same large building which is a life saver. Plus, the weather here in Colorado is, sorry for a lack of a better word here, retarded.
It's snowing, then raining, then snowing, then hailing, then something else where cats and dogs are involved. And it's heavy! Today is worse than yesterday. Luckily we got to the doctor's office before the real heavy stuff hit but once we were done, boy oh boy. Thanks to the man upstairs for the reliable taxi service that we have here in Denver. They always show up within minutes of calling. LOVE THEM.

So, Natalie had her 3 year well visit + TB test to prepare for the preschool program. They were able to reuse James' December well visit so that helped out a bunch. Both kids are completely up to date with all shots and lead/hematocrit level blood tests which made today as easy as it could be. I didn't really know what to expect because I rely on the doctors to keep me up to date on their shots. Because if they say they need one the kids get it. Of course, only if I know what it's for. LOL
At one point though I had a quick scare with James..he is up to date with his hepatitis B shots (3 required to date) and they tried to say he never had any. Thank goodness for them taking extra time to look through his MD pediatric files because it was under a different combo vaccination name. PHEW.

I'm not sure if Maryland required TB testing but they do in Colorado. Kind of new to us but they've never had one so that's just fine. So, in about 2 to 3 days if they kids have no bump on their arm pokes, then we're in the clear. Come to think of it, I need to get myself a TB test.

Both kids ARE HUGE. James' is the only one I can remember, number wise, with his height and weight because both are "44": 44 inches tall and 44 pounds.
Natalie is 37 pounds and I can't remember her height but I know it's the 90th percentile. BIG KIDS.
They are both healthy and perfect. And now I can finally get their preschool paperwork in.

And this update has nothing to do with a black and white cookie or a soup nazi, but it's okay.

I have a HILARIOUS "Not me! Monday" post coming up next week.... that should make up for my lack of being able to laugh at me for a while.

And now..I have to get ready for Natalie's Saturday birthday extravaganza. Photos coming this weekend!!

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Chicke3 said...

I had to get a TB test done to work in daycare...I think I was worse then what a kid is...I kept wanting to scratch at the injection site....but yay for preschool for both kiddies!