Tuesday, April 27, 2010

things that James says..

I adore it when James will begin saying, "this pillow (for example) is my most favorite in the whole world".. everything that he loves is his "most favorite in the world".

I love how sweet he his to Natalie. Last week, when Natalie and I stayed for the whole 3 hours of James' class, he was so helpful to his little sister.. taking her by the hand..showing her where circle time was, reminded her very calmly to sit down if she stood up at the wrong time, and so on. When everyone was playing "house" he invited her over to play with he and his buddies. When it was snack time he sat down on his short stool and patted the stool next to him and said, "right here Natalie!"

He'll sniff my hair and say "oh your hair smells so good, mommy!"

This kid is the sweetest. His big brown eyes.. long lashes, big smile, and adorable cheeks.. it's all too much. I'm truly in trouble when he's older. I know I am.

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