Thursday, April 29, 2010

potty update since I know you were holding your breath for this one.

I have to give the kiddies lots of credit..
After much suggestion of trying out a potty chart to show them how good they're doing with some sort of organized reward system, the kids are loving it.
They see their separate charts front and center in the hallway by the bathroom and their bedroom
and they're happy to count how many stickers they're earning.
So far, there has been no #2 for either of them so we'll see how that goes. But Natalie has been going #1 like crazy and keeping herself dry. Friggin' awesome.

So, without further ado, their fancy charts..

there is our temporary "let it loose" station. Seems to be working well and Natalie uses it since she's still pretty freaked out by the regular toilet. Now that our new apt. has real water pressure, the toilet flushes pretty loudly and well.. the toilet works.
(The "I went potty" section has a very scary, large, swollen thumb..yes, that's supposed to be a thumb's up and it's either going to give the kids nightmares or me. I think i need to brush up on my skillz)

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Two Lines On a Stick said...

I like how all the sections have little illustrations... except for "I pooped on the potty." LOL thank you for not drawing a turd ;)

Great idea. Bailey is going to start wearing underwear tomorrow and I hope that I live to blog about it.