Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"What I meant to say" Wednesdays.

Okay, now this I can get down with.. I'll keep this super quick before I slump over the keyboard and snore. Loudly.

This afternoon, the kids and I took the bus home and it was crowded like a mofo. As usual. And I have to keep Natalie's small stroller open to accommodate her O2 tank (large O2 tank I might add). The stroller I purchased a month ago is kind of like an umbrella-sized stroller with a basket. So, as usual the front was packed with other LARGE open strollers and wheelchairs.. and the only place for me and my two kids is by the back's what happens 2 stops away from ours (with tons more people packing on):

lady on the back of the bus today singing ALOUD while listening to her iPod: "WHY DON'T YOU FOLD DOWN YOUR STROLLER????" said in my direction.

me: "SHE HAS A HEAVY OXYGEN TANK" (keep that in caps since I yelled it at her)

loud lady: ".....oh....."

what I meant to say was (and please pardon my french) "MIND YOUR OWN F'IN BUSINESS".



Sean said...

I like to see the subhuman try that back in Baltimore. She'd probably get a serious beatdown!

Dawn B said...

she would get shanked for sure.. that was the first time in my life that I had to bite my tongue with a stranger. I AAAALMOST said what I was really thinking. lol

Nancy said...

lmaoooooo way to go Dawn! Well said! i would of loved to see the look on that lady's face. LOL