Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sleep tight and the bedbugs will bite.

I have to apologize for that nasty photo I posted last night.
That was gross and too gross for this blog. A blog which shows nice photos of my kids, CHD kids, and so forth. I tainted my blog. But, I just had to do it. I went back and forth for about a week, wondering if "going there" was going to be okay. To be totally and completely honest, I wanted to show what those nasty things looked like. My family has been very VERY lucky to not have them crawling around in any places we've ever lived, and that would be quite a few. We've had our issues with apartments in the past, particularly with roaches and spiders, that existed there before we moved and that were not paying rent for the apartment we moved into. I don't know which part I'm more frustrated with: free rent or them just existing.
So, I had to post that photo. Because now you know (if you didn't before) what those NASTY things look like.
Here is sorta how things went down last Saturday when our neighbors were moving out:

neighbor: "we have these red bugs biting us do you guys have those too??"
me: "uhhhh.... no."
neighbor: "oh well we do and they're really tiny and all over our bedroom."
me: "you mean, chiggers??"
neighbor: "I don't know."
..as she's walking out our door (she stopped by for some ice and to check on her daughter who we babysat for a bit while she packed up).. I'm nudging Rick and whisper "please please go and see what she's talking about.. whatever it is it's not sounding good." With Rick in total agreement, and slightly freaking out as well (and the good guy that he is), went upstairs to see what she was talking about.

So a few minutes pass and he comes back downstairs to me to say, "it's bedbugs and ALOT of them."
We spent some time trying to coordinate something with her to help get that mattress out of there..as Rick put it: "the motherload." He spoke about tactics with her to remove it safely and you could tell she didn't give a rat's ass.

And sure enough, she left it behind. Soon-to-be hungry bedbugs that, if you can imagine, would have surely made their way into our place in no time flat.

My mom and stepdad had alot of problems in their first Denver apartment a few years ago and saved some super strong bedbug spray for us. It's like they knew.Awww.

Rick went to work upstairs after our neighbor was done.. wearing all white and armed..it was hella easy since she left the front door unlocked. He went in there for a good hour drenching that mattress and all of the baseboards..everything. We have video of these things.. but I promise to not share that. Especially since I need an empty stomach to watch it, I can only other reactions. Ew.

Surprisingly, we did get reimbursed for our $40 purchase and even after an exterminator visited last week, he did kill most of the population.

I think the property manager thinks we did this for everyone else. Truth is, we did this for US and mainly, our kids. No offense, I care a little bit about our other tenants and it would be strong for me to say I don't give a rat's ass..but sometimes, I really don't give a rat's ass.


Chicke3 said...

thats awefully ballsey for the property manager to think you did it for your fellow tennets...I mean really...he does realize you have kids of your own and they come before everyone else....but atleast you did get reimbursed!

Dawn B said...

He does have balls. We can give him that. But that's about it.