Monday, March 29, 2010

pardon me.

Oh geez. I guess I fell off the streak of writing every day for the month of March. I have to say, I think I picked one of the worst months to do that. I was pumped at the beginning, but then things..ya know.. life changing things.. took over. Here are some of those (seriously! awesome!) life changing things going on at the Bent household:
*I had my first surgery ever and it was minor and went really well. I had a laparoscopy done this past Friday and I pretty much lost my cool about it the night before. The next morning I woke up really tired and that was useful since being knocked out for the 45 minute procedure went swell. I could have kept sleeping but they kicked me out of the outpatient area to go home. Dag.
The doctor found, like I expected, lots of leftover scar tissue from the pelvic infection I had in 2007 and (ick) scraped it all away. I even got to see what my uterus and fallopian tubes look like! "Nice and healthy" as the doc put it. And also? he saw peeks of my liver and kidneys and those look great. Isn't it hilarious when you hear that news and it make your heart flutter with happiness? Especially when the doctor remarks about how great the colors are of your internal organs.
So, now it's once again SUPER FERTILE CITY for me. oh noes...
I had 3 incisions: one in my belly button that itches like you don't even know and 2 ..ahem..let's just say "very low". Those hurt still but I think the bruising is worse. But all in all I'm healing well and figured out one major thing from all of this: that I hate Percocet. With a passion. I took one or two at different times (see! I can't ever remember!) and did NOT like the way they made me feel. I had a splitting headache, felt pukey with out the puke, and overall nast. And about 2 hours after it wears off the pain is way WAY worse. This is why I will buy stock in Advil.
*Natalie woke up sick this morning. And I was so smart that I gave her strawberry milk and declared "Natalie this will fix you up" and well.. I deserved having to clean up that pink (princessy?) curdled milk. Although her M&Ms stayed down. That's hilarious.
*James is showing no signs of being sick so far. I think I'm jinxing that. Just as long as his puke is a pretty color I'll be okay.
*PACKING SUCKS. I thought I'd like it ya know, because of the circumstances but man, I am hating it. It gets old real quick. I have far to go and probably won't finish in time and I don't know if I care. I really do think that just throwing everything in the the van and in my stepdad's truck will be worth it, sans box. If it's plastic, wood, or something similar I may just not go to great depths to using bubble wrap, boxes, and newspaper is all I'm saying. Plus, I need my newspaper and tape again. eeeek.
*I do deserve some mommy credit- I did get the kids their Easter (aka YAY SPRING) baskets yesterday and they are going to be happy. Chocolate always makes people happy. Even during these crazy crazy days.
*James is on Spring Break and keeps asking where we're going for vacation. Oh boy.
I keep telling him that not everyone goes away for this break and that our new apartment is going to rock. I think he believes me. I'm not sure.
*Natalie's new physical therapist is going to be my new best friend. I love her. I miss our old one, don't get me wrong. But I was didn't know what to expect with being switched up like that. Well, we lucked out again. I mean c'mon.. she agrees that Macs are better and her husband gives her hell for it because he works for Microsoft! She feels my pain!! She also jokes about Facebook being her only way to socialize.
Like I said, I think I found a new friend. At least someone that Natalie gets to hang out with every other week while I learn more techniques to make Natalie stronger.
On a more serious note though, I do love her different techniques. She had Natalie remove her pants and get active so we could see her muscles moving during the activities. For the first time, I could see exactly what muscles need work and why she'll climb steps and seem to shake. There are going to be many things we're going to try this summer (swimming!!) because her PT expressed the same concern that I have- to get her more physically stable and prepared for preschool in the fall. I get so scared that Natalie will fall easily around the other kids..gosh..get trampled on.. it scares me. And just overall, it scares me that she won't be able to enjoy school 100%.
I learned alot and it's refreshing to see a new way of doing this therapy. And also, when anyone comments on your daughter's beautiful eyes you can't help to not like that person. It also proves that I need more friends close by and need to get out more. LOL

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