Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Before I begin, I must say.. please pretend that it's not 8pm (10pm for most of you who I know read this!) and that I completed this waaaay earlier today. M'kay? K thanks.


Hmm..for this Monday's "Not me..." I am having a hard time thinking of things. Wow..could it be that things have been very normal for this past week? Could it be true?

Or not..because's ALWAYS something.

I have NOT been on a 90s grunge music kick lately. And anything that involves the early 90s..let's be honest here.

The kids have NOT requested for their daddy to play "Pearle" by Radiohead every night. Their taste in music is NOT that good.

I am NOT posting this for pure grossness and slight amusement:

I am NOT purposely keeping this a smaller size because it's THAT nasty.

I am also NOT considering this to be educational for all of you who wonder what these nasty critters look like.
(seriously.. OH MY JESUS how do people live with this and NOT do anything about it?? I am very shocked that their bed did not just walk away on it's own while they slept).
I am NOT expecting to people barf after seeing this. I almost did. A few times.

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Kaz and Amy said...

Oh my...That picture gave me the creeps! Lol! I have a friend who had the worst experience ever with this and informed me of every detail...I still cannot get the images out of my brain! Lol! Hope you HAVE a GREAT tuesday!