Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

MckMama is very busy in Kenya for the rest of this I'm not going to link this but wanted to do it just for craps and giggles.
Also? you have to still check out her blog.. her entries, photos, everything..amazing..heart wrenching amazing.

I did not spend last Tuesday morning searching high and low and in China for my special ring.. this special ring is what I'm dubbing as my wedding ring since that ring vanished a few years ago. This ring is special because it's silver, sturdy, and something I purchased during a visit to Seattle with my dad, which was the last time I saw him before he passed away.
I did not hear Natalie sing "mommy's ring mommy's ring" to herself while she was looking at the computer. It did NOT take me 2 hours to realize that she was singing to my ring..which she had NOT lodged inside the front compartment (where you put extra USB cables and such?)

Last week I made some yummy pan-fried Mahi Mahi and Cod fish for dinner. But I was NOT so lazy that I decided to leave our dirty fishy pans in the sink and smell up the entire apartment overnight. And I also did NOT still smell that and leave them there for a while longer. I'm not that gross you guys.

I did NOT successfully get James to poop in his pull-up while sitting on the potty. Nope, we are not one step close to full potty training success!! So close I can smell it.

Rick and I did NOT take photos this weekend of the nasty bedbugs left in our upstairs apartment (in our defense we we were allowed to break in there since it was emptied out..well, except for the beds EEEEEK). We are NOT planning to post those photos.. and NOT for educational purposes only. We also did NOT practically melt those nasty things with the spray we bought. I also did NOT laugh at that.

So, tell me..what have you NOT been up to???

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Kaz and Amy said...

I love reading these!

I certainly did NOT eat 2 helpings of shepards pie last night followed by a blue bunny ice cream bar! Lol!

Have a great Monday!