Sunday, March 7, 2010

I thought the weekend was for resting. or somthing like that.

We spent the entire weekend running around like insane people. Between going to the laundromat (since our shared washroom ain't going to cut it), getting rid of bedbugs from our awesomely asshole ex-neighbors from upstairs (MUCH more to come with this this week FOR SURE..but just too tired to explain now), tearing apart our van then putting everything back, cleaning it, playing with the kids, grocery shopping, spending some sort of increment of time with family, remembering to eat and drink and sleep, hooking up our new wireless router (yahooo for Netflix on our Playstation 3 now and viewable in our bedroom!!) which did require an hour of over-the-phone help (this operator knew his stuff though), washing dishes cause that's at least a part time job in and of itself, sleeping??, Rick running around as I type this at almost 9pm on a Sunday night trying to fax things (Kinkos?? where art thou??) and whatever else, because there's more I'm sure.. wow..WOWZA.
That was a really annoying run-on sentence with too many sidenotes. Yikes.
This is also the most lamest excuse for a blog entry.

And now, we begin this cycle all over again tomorrow.. but oddly, the weekdays may not be as hectic. We hope.
Yup, checked the calendar. This will be an easy week. Maybe Natalie will treat me to one of her famous manicures....

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FallenFairy said...

LOL. Wow girl, sounds like you were busy indeed. Hopefully you'll be able to catch up on that sleep? that you likely missed from all of the run arounds you did this weekend.