Saturday, March 6, 2010

I heart preschool.

For 4 days a week James attends preschool, so that would be Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 11:30am. When I take a peak at the daily schedule to see what he'll be up to for that 3 hour period, I am amazed. Not only with the incredible steel-like patience that his teachers have, but with how full their day is. The kids have recess outside, snack time, activity time (where each child can pick which activity they'd like to stick with for about an hour), story time, sometimes an exercise program for inside, and other fun stuff. The 3 hours that he's there wears him out. And I love it.
He loves school like you wouldn't believe. His favorite things to do are art and science.

He's a very good listener, very outgoing with is class, and very attentive. When I watch him in action it makes my heart melt. James is so sweet with everyone and everyone likes him. We always knew that he'd be a very likable kid in school and to see it, so far, ring true is hard to describe.. oh the joy.
When it's time to clean up the teacher just calmly begins singing their cleanup song..all of the children stop what they're doing and just begin cleaning up. When the teacher tells James something he listens and does what he's told without screaming or yelling. He is becoming such a wonderful little man.
Here are some photos that his teachers took that are most recent of James in action at school:
(at this point of the class which is near the end, the class sang a song about a dinosaur having to stop and take a rest..)

(on this particular day James was the student teacher.. a new child is picked daily)

(and also on this day..)

(and on this day they went through the numbers to choose what the date was for that day)

(this was his very first show and tell.. he chose his red car, which is special since he's had it since he turned one and it's his first car ever)

And this? is the biggest proof of how well this kid is doing in school.. I am FLOORED. He did this today, while we all played outside:


Kaz and Amy said...

The pictures are so cute! He's a little handsome man! Have a great weekend!


FallenFairy said...

I'm so proud of him. You know it's amazing to see children at his age able to write their name. When he starts kindergarten the teacher will be so grateful. There are so many children that are unable to write their own name when entering into school. I found that crazy when I first enrolled Claire into school.
Great kids come from great parents Dawn! Give yourself a pat on the back along with Ricky! You guys are showing just how awesome of parents you are with all that you have shared with us thus far.

J said...

awwww look at his handwriting..i am so proud of him!

Carey said...

That's so cool that your teachers take pictures for you! It lets you be part of the experience, even when you aren't there with him. He's obviously doing super great!