Sunday, March 21, 2010

another mish mash

This blog will forever represent how scatter-brained that I am.
And also, it will prove how I like to represent.

So, here is what has been going on in our neck of the woods...

We had about 7 inches of snow a few days ago and it's now almost 60 degrees again (real feel temp is a little higher) and the snow is almost gone. How's that for pneumonia weather? But hey, we'll take it. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.

The "norovirus" or something like that is going around like crazy. A huge wave of it is hitting Colorado and I just want to take the family and hid in a bubble for a month. Normally, it doesn't scare get it, you get through it, the end, ya know? But, I am so scared of Natalie getting it. Plus, we have too much going on in the next few weeks.. my "operation" (I still keep calling it a procedure, very hard-headed this one), our first visit with a bankruptcy attorney, our move, Rick starts some side work, James has spring vacation next week and that's my week to pack like a lunatic, Natalie's heart checkup (with echo?) on the 26th which happens to be the same day as my "operation"..and so much more. Wow.. there is alot coming up.

James' RSV situation is just fine. Me, personally? I think he had a mild case of croup.

Did I mention that I broke our beloved Kodak camera? Out of the many times the kids grab it and drop it, I was in the middle of making a video of James' awesome alphabet skillz and dropped it on the kitchen floor. And blam! just like more camera.

We need a huge electronics upgrade in this house. Money money money.
Our television still does the sideways-hourglass-black line-thing. One day I'll have to take a picture of's kind of funny. Annoying especially when you're trying to watch "Lost", but it's funny. Oh wait, I need a camera.

Natalie had her "Child Find" appointment a week ago and wow, let me say this.. I need to do a separate post for this. This appointment was to continue a smooth transition out of the disability program from children up to age 3. Since she's going to be 3 in a few weeks (OH MY GOSH I HAVE A PARTY TO PLAN TOO) she now transitions to the public school system. We met with a few nice specialists and a teacher and Natalie blew them away. I can't wait to give more details. Let's just say this, also, other than a delay in her gross motor skills, Natalie is way ahead in just about everything else. I have to brag, because to see it is to amaze anyone with warm blood pumping through their heart. It's completely amazing.

And James? goes bowling with his classmates this week on a field trip. He's pretty excited and he is still wondering what bowling is.

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