Friday, March 5, 2010

2 and 4.

If you lived with me, you would constantly hear two things exit my mouth often:
1. "No, you cannot have lollipops for breakfast."
2. "Man oh man I cannot wait until these two children get OLDER."

I'll explain what I mean for number 2 since number 1 is pretty self-explanatory:
I love the ages of James and Natalie. Don't get me wrong. I love squishy, wrinkly newborns, too but to live with one and is not what I would personally call fun. At all. I think I was a pretty good and cuddly mom to them as newborns and infants but deep down, I wanted them to just be old enough to hold a bottle already. Isn't that horrible? I have this thing where self-sufficiency and independence makes my heart flutter with joy. I think it has something to do with preference. But let me be real here- I really didn't think I'd have kids. Seriously. I love kids, but they did (and do) freak me out. I think that has something to do with me just being nervous and just not knowing what the heck I'm supposed to do with them. Plus, I get way too giggly when I'm nervous (which I would be) and totally freak out a kid.
Babysitting as a teenager? No friggin way. I wasn't even too busy for it, I just didn't want to.
So, since I'm a mom now and have been for 4 years, I've kinda been pushed into it (by choice, obviously) and was glad I had. There is just something more magical about kids being YOUR kids. Doy..I know. What a whopper of a conclusion.
But in all seriousness, I love my kids. But I enjoy them more as they get older.
I love watching them play together now. I love hearing them talk to me and others about their interests and what they see, what they like, what they don't like. Anything and everything that has to do with them communicating (sans screaming and crying, of course) and exploring their world. I get way too giddy about that.
I love it when a stranger (but approved stranger that I will let them talk to..ya know, the ones that aren't on the bus and drunk), asks them questions and the kids answer them so well. I get such a kick out of that. I love that they aren't drinking out of bottles anymore, eating baby food, wearing onesies, and drooling everywhere. I'm so happy that we're done with rattles, walkers, swings, and other mechanically large baby contraptions that take up your whole living space.

But, here's the thing..I'm also slightly sad that we're done with being able to put them in a spot and they're still there. Because now they're allover the place. They're so quick to hide, jump on things, jump on top of the others head, and figure out new ways to use chairs.

The kids are also in a weird phase. Which this will explain more why I keep wanting the kids to get older..

They're 2 and 4.

I can play Candyland with James but here comes Natalie, wanting to be 2 players and then steals our cards, takes every players piece, and walks them all around to the wrong spots all over the game board. And then has a fit and throws them.
I try to play with Natalie and her dollhouse but then here comes James and he is only extremely motivated to take the mom of the home and have his cars run her over.
I can sit with James and read story after story after story and he knows when enough is enough. Natalie, not so much. Hence the screaming.
James knows what a reward means and if Natalie gets a reward for finishing her dinner and he doesn't finish his meal, he understands why he's missing out.

I think you get the idea.
But they're 2 and 4. Soon they will be 3 and 4. Then 3 and 5. And in a few more years it's not going to matter as much. The benefit of almost-Irish twins is that they'll both be in similar stages of their lives right after the other. And hopefully, they'll get along beautifully just as well as they do now. Because for them being 2 and 4 it is an awesome thing to see them play together. As long as no one is getting hurt.


Hope's Blog said...

I am right there with you. I have one that is 20 months and the other is 4 years...I can totally relate! Mine are both boys, so it is a little easier...very little.

Kaz and Amy said...

So funny about the lollipops for breakfast! I usually want ice cream for breakfast and I'm 27! Lol! Have a great weekend!


FallenFairy said...

The transitions are so amazing. To see them go from one stage to another almost immediately is quite fastinating. I look at Claire and feel like over-night she's turned into an independant little girl who has one heck of an opinion of everything. Having two of Claire's would be quite over whelming for me. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I find your strength in almost everything you write.
Just wait until they're both in school. It'll be such an eye-opener for you. It was that way for me. The growth process is amazing. I guess it's why it's called the circle of life. While we don't remember much of being a child, having children ourselves allows us to see what it must have been like growing up, and for us adults/parents we're able to appreciate our parents more than what we were when we were younger.