Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Truthful Tuesdays - and it's all about boobies

Confessions from a Working Mom

Oh wow..I love some interesting questions (the ones that sort of jolt you into the "ooohhhh now I have to see what others say to this one" mode...and I think "Confessions of a Working Mom" has hit the nail on the head for me today. Totally took care of my craving for personal questions.
The question for today's "Truthful Tuesdays" is:

"Would you get a boob job?"

I had to take a few hours of the day to really think of my answer. Because at first, I wanted to loudly shout with caps, "NOOOOOOO" but I stepped back, continued my day, and kept thinking about the question. I wanted to answer the most honest way possible and see if my "NOOOOOOO" would still be truthful. 

I have to face it, I have larger sized ta-tas. 

I have always had larger sized ta-tas ever since puberty reared it's confusing and slightly ugly head. It's never been something I've had to think much about and before you hate me, here's why: I am overweight (have been for quite a few years) and know for a fact, that due to my mom's side of the family, if I lose alot of weight I will be as flat-chested as any typical boy. But I'm sure I'll still have my wide child-bearing hips and thick calves. 
Sorry mom. But she knows what I mean. She lost tons of extra weight in the early to mid 90s and got fuuuhhhlat. She went from a nice full C (maybe D?) cup to a barely-there-at-all A cup. Now she is a little heavier, and very healthy looking, and has a nice chest. One point for being Polish I guess?

In 2008 I lost 30 pounds and you can surely guess where the first places it left would be: my face and boobs. I went down a band size and sure that's great..but then I started to notice that I went from a DD to a D. wah. 
I hit the breaks on that really fast and stopped losing the weight (not because of the boob loss though, more because I have a continued love affair with food..the bad and good kind). 
Before I, yet again, continue to sway onto a long tangent, many women, of course, get boob jobs for so many reasons. The only reason I'm against is for the women that don't do their research and then get upset when they get a botched boob job. 
Ladies, if it's paid with a coupon out of a phone book ad, it is probably not a good idea. But, for many women, I say, go ahead!!! Just keep the sizing to a normal(ish) level. Please oh please don't go from a size A to a size EE for god's sake. They don't look anywhere near natural and look like overly-firm baseballs. They don't even move. They're supposed to move!
Okay, so back to my truthful answer regarding myself...
I breastfed both children so briefly that I guess I avoided the saggage that comes with it. I'm only 30 (almost 31) and they're still..umm.. okay (sorry family readers). 
I've never thought of getting a boob job and I'm very lucky to say that. God was good to me and I appreciate it every time I get dressed. 
When I lose more weight and I widdle down to an A cup..well..I just may be shouting "YEEESSSSS".


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Thanks for playing along! I am with you on those who get ill-advised and ill-researched jobs and then complain... it could have been avoided.

I'm genetically Polish too... uh oh!


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

I think my boobs didn't get the message. Whenever I shed some pounds, they usually are the last, if at all, to shrink!


Kristin said...

From an A cup (B with this restaurant review chunk) - I'm seriously thinking about it. The grass is always greener on the other side - right?

Dawn B said...

Tamara- I'm jealous!!! LOL
Elizabeth- I love your Truthful Tuesdays. Especially when it's about boobs.
Kristin- It always is for sure. The way I see it- if you want it then go for it. It's never wrong is it makes you feel better. But I would also not mind a B cup. My D's make my back hurt.

Anonymous said...

But how do your husbands/boyfriends feel about their girl getting boob jobs?

Dawn B said...

I think if it's an ethical, moral, or financial issue (or something of that realm) then it's going to get tricky, of course. I would hope that those girlfriends (wives especially) would talk with their significant others about it and come to some sort of happy medium. Even the same would go for other elective surgeries.
Cause let's face it, it's surgery with risks involved ..and it ain't cheap. I've never had a surgery in my lifetime yet, so I'm kind of uneducated with my own personal experiences.