Wednesday, November 18, 2009

well at least I tried..

There are quite a few photos that I have of James in action at preschool but I can't make them larger. They're really tiny.
The teachers at his school have been taking photos of the kids doing some of their fun activities and playing with their buddies and such since September. We can actually view them online in a program designed for the parents and teachers to keep track of and also add some other information. I thought that was the coolest of all.
I can go in and maybe make any comments about something new that James did at home that was worth noting and vice versa: things that he did at school that were worth noting.
It's kind of addictive. lol
But, I have to figure out a way to enhance these photos. Otherwise, you'll do lots and lots of squinting.
And also, since I'm very much brain dead today, this is the best I've got for today's post. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

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