Monday, November 30, 2009

vetty gooood.

That's right ya'll. I did it!!! 30 posts in 30 days.
It wasn't so bad.
There were a few days where I dreaded the idea of trying to figure out something to write. And then I always quickly remembered- I have two kids. There's ALWAYS something to write.
nablo.didit.1109.120x200I hope I can do it again next November. It was pretty fun. But now? I am taking a very well-deserved blogging break. Not too long of a break though. I mean c'mon, there are too many things going on in December.
For everyone that stopped by, commented, and all of that jazz-

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Katrina said...

Congratulations!! I'm impressed. I didn't even try to write every day and I felt like I needed a break for a few days last week haha!