Thursday, November 26, 2009

since the 90s..

..have I sat down and had a delicious Thanksgiving meal with my Mom.
It's been that long.
And this year she went all out. And so did my sis in law Donna and even I was lucky to be able to contribute to the plentiful buffet of Thanksgiving goodness. And my god was it yummy.
And you know what else is yummy? Eating food that other people made. For some reason things always taste more yummy when other people cook it and I don't know why. But I take full pleasure in eating seconds that's for sure. And my Mom's stuffing? It's to DIE for! I've made her recipe a few times and with her making it, it still comes out tasting way better. With the helpful idea of my stepdad, she put separate servings of it into muffin pans so each serving was nice and crispy on the outside.
Oh god I want more.
And lastly, you know what else is yummy?? Taking a break this year and having someone else host the festivities. I love cooking for people but it was kinda nice having the year off.
I think next year Donna is hosting. And then after that it's my turn.
So for now, enjoy these awesome pics of some of today's fun:

After careful reviewing of this photo, yes, Ricky does have a full mouth of grub. My oh my.

Why I took a photo of food covered up I have no idea.. I was hungry so I guess I could say the hunger was getting to me. (oh but wait LOOK! there are the stuffin muffins!!)
Oh and just be really careful when you have a 2 year old who's veerrrry interested in "helping" you cook. Many of my ingredients ended up all over the apartment. I tell ya, that Natalie is sneaky.

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Anonymous said...

Stuffing Muffins...what a great idea!