Saturday, November 28, 2009

the binky holds many powers!!

Usually, if we take the binky away from Natalie, in attempts to make her go cold turkey this is what happens:
1. intense screaming accompanied by wailing and the sounds of death.
2. then, a huge intense sobbing while the sadness and pain just flows over.
3. James does not sleep.
4. Natalie does not sleep..actually, no one sleeps.
5. constant reminders to Natalie, in a calm and slightly annoyed tone, that she is too big for the binky and that piece of silicone and plastic is pure evil.
6. hours more of numbers 1 through 5.
7. after the 4th hour of pure chaos and craziness, one of us runs out to the store, in desperation and defeat, to get a new one because I usually just toss it in the trash. Usually out of frustration.
8. yes, we usually do buy a two-pack but the first one mysteriously gets lost within the first day.
9. yes, I will actually take a few hours to look for that evil piece of plastic/silicone..all the other things I could have gotten done instead of doing that..ugh.
10. Stupid silicone.

Just the other day I noticed that her pacifier was tearing apart. Deja vu. And as usual, I freak out with the "holy crap she's going to choke on it and die in the middle of the night and no one will know..this isn't worth it and if she stays up all night screaming for it at least I know she's alive."
But, I actually brought it to her and showed her how bad of shape it was in. We both attempted to reason with her and use words that she could understand. I mean seriously, this thing looked like a beaver got a hold of it. Or a 2 1/2 year old with SHARP TEETH ..roar. But, anyway, after showing her, we were actually able to calm her down. And then I brought in the big 'ol bribe:
"Natalie, if you can be a big girl and give up the binky we can buy you finger paints (she wants finger paints so bad)."
It worked!
Well, so far.
So, after tonight, if she can sleep peacefully for the second night in a row without it, we'll take her to pick out fingerpaints tomorrow.
I always stand by my word.
I just hope she does.
And James is totally trying to weasel his way into using those paints by supporting Natalie.

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