Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 months.

I can't believe that it's only 2 months away.
8 1/2 weeks. 62 days.
Hey but who's counting?
Natalie's Fontan operation will be here soon. There is such mixed feelings with it. Obviously, like any parent, we're dreading it. But there's a mix of hope and positivity still mixed in there. We know that it's going to help her so the end result is totally worth it. And to avoid sounding like a broken record and sounding like I'm digging for sympathy, I have to say with my whole heart that I am scared to death. But, it's my job (and Rick's) to worry. If I said we weren't terrified I'd be lying. And if you know me well, I don't do lying very well.
I know though, that everything will probably go very smoothly and knowing Natalie, she'll move past it and deal with it like the strong little girl she is. And I'm so glad that she's getting this done sooner than later (yet again, sounding like a broken record). But honestly..if we waited longer..(and let's say they wanted to wait until she was 3 1/2 or something like that) I think it may be more devastating for her. Instead, she gets well, comes home, heals, gets stronger and stronger and then gets to celebrate her 3rd birthday with a healthier body. Can't get any cooler than that. Her birthday will truly be an even bigger deal (not that the birthdays aren't already but you get the idea).
The reason why I'm starting to write more (and even talk more) about it is because we received Natalie's pre-op testing information and booklet from Denver Childrens in the mail today. I kind of forgot that they were going to send it early like that. But we are SO GLAD that they did. Included in the packet is her pre-op itinerary and it really makes us feel so much more organized and more calm. And once again, it just reminds us of what an awesome place this hospital is because of how ahead of the game they's truly reassuring. I can't say that enough. We're in love with that hospital.

But before Natalie's big suregery, we have a few wonderful holidays, birthdays, and visits coming up and of course, every one of those will include some pretty delicious food. Just to sound like the ending of a Curious George book..
"the best part about the holidays is spending time together".
I know some of us are strewn across the US..but it still makes us appreciate and remind us of the people who we love dearly.
Awww..isn't that special?
(I can't figure out where the sappiness has come from...)
Quick, someone hug me and show me a picture of a fluffy bunny!! Or one of those Anne Geddes photos!! Help.