Wednesday, October 7, 2009

updating with Natalie's heart cath.

Well alrighty.. looks like our el cheapo phone DOES indeed connect to the internet. It's an extra small charge per day, but you cancel it anytime, anyday. So there ya go! I will be able to "tweet" on twitter, which in turn, connects directly to my Facebook account. So you'll be able to read current and frequent updates on Natalie. This is so cool and will come especially handy when she goes in a few months for heart surgery. I do know that Denver Children's is the first hospital of it's kind to "tweet" during patient surgeries per request, but I don't know if we'll be setting that up with tomorrow or not. So feel free (Gammy, Jesse, Lucy, anyone out there) to check this blog for updates and they should show up on the right side of the blog page. Here is also a link (there's one on the right side but it's pretty low on the page) of my Facebook account so you'll be able to see status updates there.
Okay, well... I'm still packing a few things for tomorrow and our "in case" bag just in case we have to stay overnight. If that happens, that's because they needed to do further testing and monitoring, but again, our belief tells us that that it probably won't happen. But, it's good to be prepared.
Natalie is settled into her bed and sleeping away. We'll wake her up at about 5am and head out at 5:30am to check in at the main hospital. We'll get to see the awesome hospital ourselves. We'll take photos as we can and especially as Natalie feels more like herself. We want to document this for her.
The heart catheterization begins at 8:30am and it may take an hour or a few hours. And hopefully, by dinnertime, we'll be back at home, snuggling with her.


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