Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me! Monday

Before I even get started, I really hope that anyone that reads this gets going with this little Monday treat. C'mon people let's get to giving up the dirt!! It feels good!

I've seen the movie "Cars", James and Natalie's favorite movie, so many times that there is NO way that I spent 15 minutes explaining, in great detail, about the characters to a grandma at Walmart the other day because she was buying something for her 4 year old grandson. I definitely didn't know which paint jobs went to the movie and which ones didn't show up in the movie. I don't memorize things like that. I have a life.

There is no way that I let Natalie sleep with her new miniature play kitchen last night because she loves it that much. I wouldn't let her win that battle. And I definitely didn't wake up early this morning (3:45 am) to the sound of her stove timer going off and Natalie playing with it over the monitor. Nope, didn't happen.

And speaking of toys, there is no way I'd let Natalie play with a glittery makeup kit. I definitely didn't notice her eating it and then wonder what her poop would look like the next day. And her poop surely was NOT glittery the day we left the hospital. And this poop was definitely did not have to be inspected by the nurses before we left.

And lastly, I wasn't the one who randomly shouted "asshole" earlier and have James hear that. And James did NOT ask me what an "asshole" was.


Katrina said...

Ah that gave me a good laugh-- too funny!!

Chicke3 said...

Oh Man dawn your kids cheer me up :-D

To add to your Not me Monday!

I did NOT hit stop instead of snooze on my phone alarm this morning, and I most definitely did NOT wake up 15 minutes before I had to be at work at my new center, and I was NOT a half hour late! lol
...needless to say I needed the cheering up for you and your little ones:-)*hugs* glad to hear all is well....Oh what did the nurses say about Natty's glittery poop?