Friday, October 30, 2009

last year and this year

Holy crap. I have really been behind in updating this blog! Occasionally, I'll check it and sometimes even go back a year exactly to compare and see how much has changed. My oh my oh my how things are changing! The kids, like expected, are growing like weeds and are so talkative and honestly? getting more fun. Last year, Natalie was very very wobbly and couldn't yet walk. And James was still at the age where he would bolt away from us without thinking first. And now? Natalie is a superb walker (and runner) and James knows the walk with us and not run away from our sides (particularly in public places like the grocery store, etc) without asking first. Last year, on October 1st we celebrated Natalie's 1 year anniversary from her first open heart (and quite successful and seamless) surgery. This year, was the same. We had her favorite dinner- pasta and had huge amounts of ice-cream for dessert. Last year, we were sad that James wasn't the right age for preschool, even though he was ready, and this year? he gets to be around cool kids his age, who like playing with him. His teacher thinks he's adorable and even though we haven't yet had a parent/teacher conference (that's next month) she says so many wonderful things about him. Last year, I thought of the idea of taking James to his first theater movie but got nervous of the idea and put it off. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking my little date to see "Where the Wild Things Are" and he had a blast. It was already his favorite book so him seeing and hearing many of the quotes on the bigscreen was pretty cool. I, too, had a blast. It was the first movie I've seen in a theater since around November 2005!! LOL
Last year, we began what we thought was our last RSV shot season for Natalie and then we found out this year that she still needed it. We're still kind of on the fence about her getting it now because not only is she 2, but 3?? shots for that combo and monthly vaccine. Monday she goes in to get it and we'll be double-checking to make sure that 3 is actually necessary. If it is, then we're doing away with it. We're more concerned about the flu shots (she had her seasonal) and we're hoping that James will get his H1N1 by next month. His shot will be mostly to protect himself and Natalie since he's the one bringing home the germs from school. If he responds well to it (our poor guinea pig) then we'll be okay with Natalie getting it.
Last year, Natalie's speech was amazing and blew us, she still blows us away and has us giggling more. If she wants something and is in agreement we hear alot of "SURE!" and if she's afraid or nervous she'll now say "I don't like that..I scared I scared!" She'll talk to people for minutes on end about a topic that suits her interests. About a week ago she spoke to her Uncle Sean for about 10 minutes on her many thoughts about "big spoons, chocolate milk, chocolate, cake, and eating chocolate ice-cream". We sat and sat, listening and smiling, and amazed. She went on and on. I LOVE THAT.
One major difference also is that we have had HUGE amounts of snow land here in the Denver area for 3 days straight (Tuesday through Thursday)!! When we first learned about this "Northwest upflow" we were reminded of the infamous "Nor'easter" that would hit the Maryland/Mid-Atlantic area during the winter. Ahh who needs the "th"??? So, we did what any other snow bound family would do: we stayed inside, gobbled up cupcakes, played, napped, and occasionally went out to eat the snow, throw it, and dig dig dig our way out. We officially had 20 inches land atop the freshly fallen golden fall leaves and digging those out with the fluffy snow made it all much more silly. As we hear often "that's Colorado for ya".
Here are many many new photos of what we've been up to, especially the kiddies. Enjoy!!

fresh, toasted pumpkin seeds.
we originally used our plastic "Mr. Potato Head" kit and it turned out great..but today, I had an itch to carve something before we wasted the pumpkin.

the sun was trying hard to come out Thursday late-afternoon..

first snowball..
..and there goes James a'tumblin..

Halloween snow!
first OFFICIAL snowball..with traffic.
playing doctor..
so happy I caught this.. he had JUST finished his puzzle train.
Natalie helping..
I also have a cute video of this, also.. she was playing with her princess and horse. ADORABLE.

she wouldn't leave the apartment unless she could wear, she won.
James and his class went to a farm about 2 weeks ago..this is his first time on a "cheese bus" (he even called it that to his buddies..too funny).

first movie theater experience.. we had some people around us comment on how the popcorn was bigger than he was..that was the way to do it. ;)


Lauren said...

My oh my alot has happened in th past year... this year has gone by fast for me too!

So glad Natalie is doing SO well!!! And James got to see his first movie theatre movie, how cool!!!

The pictures are adorable and put a smile on my face!!!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!
I continue to pray for you guys, especially to stay healthy!!!

Sending LOTS of WARM **Heart Hugs**!!!

With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
Lauren (22yr. old w/Tricuspid Atresia aka HRHS)

Carey said...

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! I can't believe all that snow you got! But I suppose that's the beauty of moving up north. That is SO awesome you and James went on a movie date. I bet you even had more fun than he did! I love reading these happy posts!

Marie said...

aww I love the pictures!!!!