Thursday, October 1, 2009

happy day

October 1st marks the 2 year anniversary of Natalie's first life-saving open heart surgery. I say that outloud to myself and I just keep getting goosebumps. Because, 2 years!! And that day feels like just it was yesterday. I mean heck, Rick can still remember that day in great detail. I remember a few things, but I was so tired that day and so spent, I only really remember details that pertained to our 5 month old Natalie. How rosey her cheeks were, how ruby-red her lips were, and how creamy white her skin was, and how pink her toes and fingers were after they wheeled her out of surgery. It was the first I had seen her like that ever. Ever.
Rick remembers hugging the surgeon and the surgeon being teary-eyed (I NEVER knew that until yesterday!).. he also remembers, what we ate for lunch and dinner that day, and what we wore. We spent the duration of her surgery in our parked van (which was parked in the Hopkins parking garage), watching "Little Miss Sunshine" on our DVD player.
I still love that movie..not sure if it's because it's really that good or because I have some personal attachment to it. Weird I know.

And then here we are 2 years later!! We now have a bouncy, walking, running, talkative, cuddly, BRIGHT 2 1/2 year old on our hands. A toddler who loves puppies, horses, kittens, and the color pink. She is completely in love with The Wiggles, Curious George, her soft pajamas, playing pretend, and dressing up. She's so affectionate and sweet and really loves her big brother. She loves cars, making art, balloons, other little children, and BABIES..(seriously, she loves babies and would probably squish them if she could). She loves being outside, running around and causing trouble. And most importantly, she is so laid back. And so understanding. She loves to respond with "that's okay" and "awright" and speaks in such detailed sentences that we are blown away. She has tantrums but they blow out pretty quickly.
She loves her veggies and chocolate milk, and anything well, chocolate.

October 1st is so special and we love spoiling her on this day. And to show you how much she's grown, enjoy her 2 1/2 year video montage.. I just couldn't wait until the 21st. ;)


Carey said...

Oh Dawn, I absolutely love the tribute video of Natalie!! She has come such a long way; she is one of the strongest people I know. I know you are very proud of her. Happy October 1st (a day late) to you entire family!

Kristin said...

I actually remember her surgery day and I can't believe it's been 2 years. What a great video and a wonderful celebration :)

Marie said...

Aww that video brought tears to my eyes!! I love it!