Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mall? or Hospital?

We haven't made our visit to The Children's Hospital of Denver just yet, and we're not too sure if we'll even get great photos or if they're allowed during a tour. So, for just in case, here are some of our favorite photos from the virtual tour link on their website:

Main entrance and Boettcher Atrium (glass elevators!!)

family lounge areas (they have many of them)

Below is a photo of a Family Suite.. kind of like a hotel within the hospital. ;)

2 photos of the "Fresh Market Place".. notice how many windows there are in every room! The hospital places huge emphasis on natural light and wellness. When you're stuck in a hospital days and weeks or more at a time, you can still feel at least a tiny bit less "boxed in".

Emergency Department below..

Ponzio Surgery Center..

typical ICU (intensive care unit) room.. and then below 3 pics of a regular patient room..

Unlike our first experience with her heart surgery and rooming with many other children, there is a good chance Natalie will have her own room throughout her entire hospital recovery. THAT is music to our ears. You just don't get more private than that..
If we do share, I'm sure we'll work it out and it really won't matter.

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