Tuesday, August 4, 2009

mashed #2

Lately, I haven't been able to update this blog as often as I've wanted, which makes it easier to explain why my titles are more vague. And remind one of food.

Food. YUMMY.
We bought a basic charcoal grill about 2 weeks ago and have become addicted to using it.
Yesterday we had grilled eggplant, grilled pork tenderloin, and red baked potatoes. And of course, we had to use up the leftover heat for smores.
Other than realizing that our goal may be to add on pounds this summer.. it has made us realize how much a regular oven sucks in comparison. We have a teeny tiny electric oven in our apartment that spews out hot heat from the sides so when I'm cooking it's time to keep the kids completely out of the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I use it but doesn't mean I have to like using it. And I'll also mention that we don't have AC in our garden level apartment so it just adds to the heat when it's hot outside.
Last week was really nice outside. Very cool and cloudy and it was so nice.
We just heard from 2 sources yesterday that the weather we've been having is really unusual. Last year, the summer was filled with 60 days straight of 90+ degree weather and weeks on end of dry weather.
We really lucked out.
And also, the grass is still green and not crispy brown by this time.


There's a good chance that James won't be able to start preschool until after it begins. We're still waiting on paperwork and when we visited the office last week we were told all spots were filled but not to lose hope because spots soon open up after the school year starts.
We'll take what we can get at this point.


We marked Monday as "potty training day" for both kids. And it went okay but James, I gotta admit, is driving us crazy. He started out excited and then stopped even trying to get to the potty. After 3 straight accidents in his underwear (and him refusing to even try to use the potty), I calmly and nicely changed him and put a pull up on him. We'll try again next month.
It's kind of hard not feel like a failure but at the same time, our approach with him isn't too over the top. I try not to put pressure on James but consistently try to make it a fun experience. And he just hasn't grasped the concept yet. But he did go in the potty 2 times yesterday. Natalie hasn't actually "gone" in the potty but likes to sit on it with or without a pull-up. Hey, that's a start! We took some time to decorate her potty with stickers yesterday and she loved it. I think I'll pick this weekend to focus on her. We'll see how it goes.


Last week Ricky and I went to a job fair and it was oookaaaay.
Kind of strange to walk up to several HR recruiters to only find out that they aren't actually hiring.
Seriously? And why are you here??
Just to tease us I guess.


On Monday, and after 3 visits to the DMV to clear out some paperwork issues, I received my Colorado Driving Permit! Watch out Colorado and seriously..get out of my way or I may ram into you. By accident.
And also? why are Colorado's ID's so flimsy? I've had library cards thicker than this.
But I'll still covet my new ID. Especially since it cost only $14. In Maryland the cost by now is probably close to $50 for a driving permit that's good for only a year. In CO it's good for 3 years.


Last week a round of colds started here and it's actually not a very bad cold just one of those annoying weak ones that linger on and on. Both kids have been coughing but again, it's nothing major. We'll take this over the swine flu any day. Any flu for that matter.

And here, enjoy some random pics!

it was Natalie's idea to put the babydoll on the potty!
checking her Facebook page on Daddy and Mommy's new (used) desk. Which is like having your own office. But maybe not. It does come with sliding file drawers! We're moving up!!!

I promise to add more photos of James real soon. He has been tricky with catching him for photo ops. Whenever we do catch him he immediately wants to hold the camera and take it from us.

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FallenFairy said...

It's so good to see that things are going so well for you in CO. I know some things have been thrown your way unexpected and irritation can take over on some good times that occur but you have really acheived a lot since being in CO Dawn. So much great things are happening for you there, and I'm so proud of you for trying your absolute hardest to get things in order.