Friday, August 21, 2009

lazy mama

I am lazy.

Well, okay not completely lazy but lazy enough.

I have no new photos of the kids. And our sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and James' muddy cars. Oh and still have yet to organize our fancy new computer desk.

But I did find time to buy a new printer with the family in tow and it's pretty sweet. It didn't cost much and it's really nice. We opted out of getting yet another HP all in one thing-a-ma-jig so we bought a Kodak all in one thing-a-ma-jig.
It's nice. and it's black. And it's sleek. And we love it. We just haven't used it much yet. So, I need to really break it in by printing out some photos and moving my lazy butt out of this seat to write letters and mail them.

Hey, wait I kind of have a good excuse to the laziness. And relishing in it.
Since the summer began we've been sick with whatever the illness is of the week, well, almost every week. Last week, I thought it was smart to spend 2 hours outside in the heat without drinking any water. Then came inside and proceeded to chug too much water and got pretty ill for a few days. Then, James thought the cart straps in the Walmart cart were finger lickin' good and chewed on it while we had out backs turned. And brought home a nice new virus that I can dub as the strangest thing ever.
It caused a fever, just an ill/tired/not-wanting-to-get-out-of-bed feeling (almost like the flu) and then once the fever would break both kids (and still) were covered in a pink viral rash.
I swear if one more person asks if they have Chicken Pox I'll scream.
No. It's not the Pox. Or the yellow fever. Or the Plague. Just a case of the "?" with a rash that looked all too familiar. I wouldn't be so nonchalant if I haven't seen it before with them. Viral rashes like theirs is so common it's ridiculous. I just probably blocked out my own childhood experiences with those rashes. I know they don't itch or really hurt. And Benadryl? Doesn't do a thing. Only the passage of time.
Now the Chicken Pox?? Holy mother of god I would remember what those look like. Not anyone's fond childhood memory.
We all had a lack of appetite too, especially Natalie. So lately she's been living off of (by her choice) pretzels, bananas, milk, juice, carrot sticks, and graham crackers. Typing that out doesn't sound as bad. I'm sure there's some sort of nutrition in there. Not as bad as James' lust for corndogs everyday.

We're getting alot better and we have a busy busy weekend and week coming! Tomorrow James, Ricky, my step-dad, my brother Sean, and a few friends are heading to the race tracks and this will be James' first time watching real cars racing in action. While they do their thang, us gals (me, Natalie, my Mom, and my sis in law Donna) will chill out and do something "girlie". I still have no idea what that's going to be. But it almost always involves chocolate and baked goods. And a shot of alcohol is always nice.
Then, Monday morning we pick up my sister Jen who is visiting us for the week!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. The kids are really happy too and keep pointing to her photo on the wall. I can't wait for more of you Marylanders to get your butts out here. There are a few Californians that need to do that too. You know who you are. ;)


FallenFairy said...

Awww! That's awesome. I love reading your posts... Seems that strap at walmart should be paying for your sickness! I would call them and let them know, honestly. Just so they can give a complete cleaning of those straps, and carts for that matter. Explain to them that as you turned away for just a moment that your child had put the strap in his mouth and was extremely ill following. You may even get something out of it, even if it's not just the hope that they do their jobs. Or actually, I'd send an e-mail to them through their site. Sure, maybe they'll give you some kind of "well watch your child more" kind of crap, but when they're in a cart, isn't that supposed to be that safest place for them? It's better then the kids running around the store pulling down end caps full of product, right? Srsly, I'd say something hon.
I'm also very excited that Jen gets to come out and see you this Monday! Wow, time really has flown by. I hope you guys have a blast!
As for being lazy? Ha! You're a momma, with two kids, you're really NOT lazy! You're well, resting??? LOL What's that word again? Resting? Wow! Hard thing to come by being a mom, isn't it?

Chicke3 said...

I loved Jame's Butt Crack comment for B....had that been in a classroom...the kids would have had an early recess so I could collect my self from laughing so hard :-). I would worry about Natalie, as long as she is eating something, drinking something and keeping it in (like its not coming out in an unusual liquid form) she'll be alright. I bet James is bouncing off the walls for the race, I went to my first Nascar Race this past summer and it was the coolest thing ever! Who knows, maybe Dan's settlement money will be enough to send us out for a visit! I would love for you to meet him! He is awesome!

JeSsE. said...

When C4C is finally over (tomorrow - yeah!) and Lucy can trade in her Camaro for a 4WD without paying MSRP we will definitely be making the trek over the Sierras to come see you guys.