Saturday, August 29, 2009

bittersweet ramblings.

Since James was 2 we wanted him to start preschool. For me personally, I didn't really know what preschool entailed, I just heard so much about it and thought "heck, this kid needs to be around other kids." As I did a little research here and there (i.e-mostly hearing about preschool endeavors from you fellow bloggers) I knew that it was inevitable and exciting. I mean c'mon, watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Caillou can only do so much for a smart 3 year old. Not that me or Ricky don't teach him new things every day, we just can only teach him so much on our own. Although, Sesame Street did prepare me for going directly into the 1st grade growing up. But the start of that first year of school was rocky for me. Skipping kindergarten was tough for me. Back in the mid-80s it was a choice to attend kindergarten and I was able to opt out.
With James and Natalie both, we want them to get every educational advantage there is. Probably what all parents want so it makes us no different as parents. We also don't want to push perfection onto our kids either, so that says something. Getting all "A"s is wonderful but we have to be realistic. I'll take a rocket-scientist kid but if either one of them wants to grow up a be a trash collector I'll support that, too. As long as they are happy. Truly happy.
Anyway, so here is the real scoop since I'm going off on a tangent and all- while walking into the apartment the other day and coming home from some serious site seeing with Jen, we got the phone call we actually didn't expect (but hoped for)- James has a spot open for him to begin preschool next week. Here is where it got iffy, the girl on the phone went on and on and on with dates, rules, miscellaneous stuff and I couldn't keep up with her because I was being so rushed by her (she's actually very sweet but you could tell even SHE was being rushed). So, I took down some notes and then the anxiety and all set in because my brain couldn't quite process what I just heard. It was alot to let sink in. And that very same day the preschool orientation went on and we got the head's up right after it ended that afternoon. Nice.
Kind of frustrating because we are, in fact, being rushed to do all of the enrollment stuff by Monday and they want him to start Tuesday. Honestly? (and even his teacher agrees with me..who I spoke to on Friday and boy is she nice!) she agrees that this process may stress any 3 year old so we'll see how he does. I think we're still at the stage where we kind of pick which day he can start next week. I'm gunning for Wednesday so James (and me. wah.) can prepare. It's a big change in all of our schedules. The only sucky part is that it commits someone to be home during the day which knocks any job availability sideways. I can still work just not a morning availability. His days are Monday through Thursday 8:30am to 11:30am. For now, I have to get him there by RTD (bus) with Natalie in tow but that's temporary until we get a second car. But honestly taking RTD isn't so bad because it's a short bus trip. I'm just a little worried about the winter. :( Standing on a bus stop with two little ones when it's 15 degrees outside won't work. But, we'll make something work.

I'm not even sure how most families process this new change. My baby is not a baby anymore. And I'm okay with that (honestly) and Ricky and I both rant and rave how we can't wait until the kids are school age and potty-trained and play sports and have their own friends who they have sleepovers with and so much more.

It's now sinking in that they are growing up. Next school year both will be going to school.


Carey said...

Wow! Good luck to James (and you!) starting school. It will be a new experience, but it will be great. You guys will figure it all out!

Dawn B said...

Thanks ;) Yeah, that is one sure thing- we always find a way to figure it out. It may take a short time or longer but it happens. lol I'm so excited for James. And Natalie, because she'll have my undivided attention for a few hours.