Tuesday, August 11, 2009

at the playground..

We try to hit our local playground at least every week when the weather cooperates. On this particular day it started out at being 79 degrees when we left our apartment from a few blocks away and an hour later it was 90 degrees once we came home. How's that for crazy Colorado weather?
But no matter what, the kids have fun and it's always a great way to show them the cool things lurking around our neighborhood...

This playground is called "Aviation Park" and was built (maybe) about a year before we moved into town..

pretty cool sidewalk images..
..and another..
The amount of wildflowers growing around the playground is staggering.. there are so many kinds and this was our favorite..

playing with Picasa ....

the bees LOVE this russian thistle that growns all around the park. They are very busy bees and ignore us every time we walk by them.

lots of kinetic art encircling the play area..

On this particular day James was tired.. but played a little bit anyway..

And it was fun. ;)

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FallenFairy said...

Haha! How cute is that park's sidewalk?? That's neat as heck. And the kids look to be having such a great time. Awesome to see that sweetie. The pic of Natalie with something in her mouth makes me think of buckwheat... LOL.. I just see the thing in her mouth and think of wheat... She looks like a country girl. It's awesome!!!