Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just saw this on the Facebook page of a girl I went to a high school with (Hi Hayward! and thank you!) and HAD to post this.. this, my single friends, should answer your question. lol (well, for those that constantly ask us stay at home moms what it's like to have kids and be..well..a stay at home parent). Please click on the article to read it better. I'd like to know what anyone thinks. ;)

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Dawn B said...

okay, here is my comment on this..
The way that the answer is given is completely and utterly brilliant and perfect to me. As I type this, I have two kids in their room refusing their naps and playing and carrying on.
Some people, not alot of them, but some of them..think "oh you can just tell them to go to sleep and bam! they are out".
As a parent and whether you stay at home or not, but being a parent = power struggle. And that's how you spend your day if you have any kids over the age of 1. The struggle, at least from my experience, was alot different when they were newborns. I would spend my day at home with James (as the first) trying to take care of his.every.single need. That's tough work. And then throw a toddler and newborn together and you've got quite the crazy mix.
So..there ya go. My two cents. ;)