Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's a mixed mash-up of an update (because mixed and mashed is how I like it):

**The kids had their very first eye doctors appointment about a week ago and did great. The both have far-sightedness but apparently, that's very normal for kids their age. Natalie also has astigmatism which these days, doesn't really mean anything. But interesting to know.

**We're in the process of working out their health insurance and they both have physicals in August. The doctor is really curious in checking Natalie's oxygen saturation level since being here in Colorado. And honestly? So far she's been having even less blue/purple spells since we've moved here. I swear it has something to do with the cleaner air..
James' physical is first on an earlier day because (drum roll please) we just may make it in time to get him registered for preschool class!!! We're looking at some different programs and one being "Headstart" and then some others where they work with our income level. And by next year, both kids will be preschoolers *sniff*. These kids are growing up way too fast. What's really cool also, is that while we were discussing these programs a few other things with a coordinator the other afternoon, both kids were working on puzzles nearby. The coordinator couldn't believe how good they were with them (especially Natalie). She was pretty impressed and can I just say? was a boost to Ricky and I's egos. lol

**We just chose the kids' official pediatrician and she seems wonderful. Her area of expertise is special needs and that was a positive influence on our choosing her because of Natalie's heart. She is also very very familiar with Denver Children's and so much, in fact, she at one point had her own practice at that hospital and outside of the hospital. She had nothing but great things to say about Children's. And soon we'll be taking a little field trip there to get a mini-tour. And soon enough, we'll get to schedule a heart visit for Natalie by the end of this year.

**Last Friday we took a trip to a place to swim called "Pirates Cove" and it was so much fun..the kids had a blasty blast. And mommy and daddy are still nursing their very burnt skin. Gone are the days of forgetting sunscreen for us two (but I think Ricky actually did wear some and still got burned even wearing 70spf). And now we're in the "peeling" stage. You know how much fun that is!!! I can seriously say that I haven't been burned like that in YEARS.

**Natalie is getting processed right now and put back into the Early Intervention program here in our area. She'll only need it for about another 9 months but a lot happens in those 9 months. Her walking is great but she's still wobbly..but again she's doing great. She just needs a little more therapy to keep her on track. She's in that "let me do it" phase and has a hard time letting me help her walk up stairs..but if she can't do it on her own she gets frustrated and screams.
The life of a 2 year old...

**James is doing fantastic. His speech has made huge progress since about a month ago and his pronunciation of words is really good (we were getting a little concerned there for a little while). Most other people now understand most of what he says and he speaks long and detailed sentences. We can actually have conversations with him and get to find out more of what he likes, doesn't like, and so many other things in great detail. He even goes online now to or and plays some games by himself (with us supervising of course). He knows when to click on "start" for games and knows how to search for a particular game he wants on those sites. I tell ya, this kid is smart and already computer-savvy.
He's been borrowing our upstair neighbors kids' bike that has training wheels and rides it like a champ. He still has his retro tricycle but like expected, he wants his own regular bike. We told him that if he can start using the potty regularly he'll get a brand new bike. The ball is in his court..

**Natalie's speech is amazing, also. She knows her colors, counts to 20 and loves to sing the ABC song all the time. Even when we're grocery shopping and she'll just sing and sing away. Lately, she's been saying "I don't know mommy" if she doesn't know where she put something. It's hilarious. She's also getting so big. Her feet are growing faster than anything (remember when I used to joke how tiny her feet where?) yeah..well they are getting huge. James wears a size 11 and Natalie is just about into an 8. lol

And without further ado here are the pictures we took of our time at Pirates Cove...

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