Wednesday, July 1, 2009

diaper rash cure

So! It's been oh I dunno... 3 1/2 years since Ricky and I have had kids and it's taken just about as long to figure out a real cure (something that really cured and didn't just coat the rash for fun). And we've figured it out! One kid, being Natalie, has overly sensitive skin. And James, I think, has usual 3 year old skin. Neither suffer from eczema or anything so we truly count our blessings there. But it's bad to say this, but with Natalie's sensitive skin, I always watched her skin closely because it just seemed like she would have gotten something like that.
She does, however, get diaper rash so so easily! And with losing the potty training battle with her thus far, she will wear a nasty poop diaper for hours if we let her. And as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure she has done more than that. The other morning, she topped her record by actually sleeping all night long with a diarrhea diaper.
So, she woke up with burned cheeks and well...I won't go into any further detail. You get the idea. Pure nastiness with a side of worry.

A&D ointment itself rocks. It's great for everything! And if only it would babysit our kids I'd be more in love with it. But, it does half take care of diaper rash. The other half of our fancy rash cure is antifungal cream. We usually get the store's alot cheaper and it the same exact thing. And one other thing- we usually find it in the "foot care" isle at a place like Wally World (Wal-Mart to those not in know).
It works wonders on James too. We started it on Natalie first because as soon as a diaper rash would erupt ..always and I mean always, I yeast rash appeared. Nice huh?
So, we just cut to the chase and mix the two together and viola! some serious diaper rash defense.


Chicke3 said...

so pretty much with your treatment you saved yourself some money for cream that typically would require a prescription and an arm and a leg... :-D yay!

Carey said...

Thanks for the helpful tip! I will have to make note of that!!

Dawn B said...

Cassie- you got it!!

We started out going to the pediatrician every time the rash started and finally one day told us that we could use a few antifungals. The original recipe also included using desitin (zinc in it) and that made her's worse. I remember with James, I could use anything and it would work. lol Every child is so different. But Carey, you are way more than welcome.

Marie said...

Thanks for the tip!! I'll take anymore tips that you have LOL.

Dawn B said...

LOL We do switch antifungals every so often so she doesn't become immune. But if she doesn't have a rash (or at least not a bad one) we just use A&D ointment. Forgot to mention that before..